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Running or excercise music

desertpea Posts: 20 Member
Does anyone have any good running music or the name of some albums that I can buy from iTunes?


  • aaron_mc29
    aaron_mc29 Posts: 56 Member
    Music's a pretty personal choice, as what works for you will mostly come down to taste. I went through my iTunes library and picked out a bunch of songs I want to hear while I'm working out, then split them into approx 45-minute long playlists.

    Couple of tips:
    - if a song isn't working for you, swap it out
    - don't start with really high-energy music, as you'll exhaust yourself early
    - sometimes tracks with a more moderate tempo work better as you can 'pace' yourself to the beat of the music

    My playlists are made up of a very diverse collection of songs, but some of the artists I've got more than one track from include OneRepublic, Paris Wells, Eskimo Joe, Neon Trees and Florence + The Machine.
  • desertpea
    desertpea Posts: 20 Member
    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks - you're absolutely right about personal preference.

    I've got a 'Gym' playlist on my iPOD but was thinking of some original re-mixed to a faster, maybe funkier pace. I like the Ministry of Sound Running Trax - which I haven't downloaded, yet. But when I went searching for some other running music, what I found was not the original artists and it didnt sounds great.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Lou :)
  • kattytee
    Hi desertpea.. It's a shame you didn't get many replies on this post because I was interested in people's opinions! Although aaron is so very right about personal preference.

    However, I've found this band really good for keeping you going steadily with a bit of power as well. I've had other reports concurring with my opinion! They're a newish Sydney band so their music can be downloaded for free (even better). .. Click on the 'download ep' link at th ebottom of the page.

    If you're into dance/breakbeat then I thoroughly recommend Freestylers 'Adventures in Freestyle' album too :)
  • mmk137
    mmk137 Posts: 833 Member
    have you been on

    if not then head on over. they have loads of remixes and I love them.

    You get a certain amount of credits then you have to buy credits if you want more.

    mixes last anywhere from 20 to 90 mins. well worth it I say. I have a few of their mixes (but I was a member of their site when they were still in their trail stage, so I got quite a few free).

    also check out it has an app you can add to your itouch/iphone too.
  • AngelAura777
    AngelAura777 Posts: 225 Member
    I make a separate playlist for walking and running tracks I love anything techno/electro I find anything in the Drum & Bass Genre has a really good running beat
  • jaysonhijinx
    jaysonhijinx Posts: 663 Member
    I love heavy metal and hard dance music and tend to listen to those when working out. Usually have hard dance playing when running as the 4-4 beat keeps me paced and metal when I'm lifting xD
  • SydneyTash
    SydneyTash Posts: 9 Member
    My that really get me going and working hard are Stronger, Christine Aguilera ... Eye of the tiger Survivor... Beautiful day U2 ... Edge of glory lady gaga, lose yourself eminem, sexy and you knowit lmfao... I like to move it... Etc!
  • Kupe
    Kupe Posts: 758 Member
    If you like none commercial music, go to a web site called It is free download. All the music is created by independent artists.

    If you like dance, trance or techno look for a artist called Atomic cat. They have a number of albums.