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Glad to have found this group!

I have been interested in Primal for several months (even dabbled in it a bit over summer) but finally seriously embarked on the beginning of this month. My husband has an autoimmune disease and is on the journey with me -- an anti-inflammatory diet is really a must for his condition. As for me, I'm looking to lose a few pounds, hit my 40s in best shape of my life and avoid my family tradition of diabetes. The primal approach just makes sense to me.

I'm a huge fan of Mark's Daily Apple and loved the Primal Blueprint. I am looking for some primal buddies to have company on this journey.



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    Hi there - I became a convert to primal on January 5 - and am loving it!! I'd love to have some 'primal buddies' too - I've added you both, and anyone else feel free to add me : )

    Heather from New Zealand
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    Hi, have in the last few days signed up to MFP and have also been looking at going primal, need to order Marks book.
    I am from NZ as well