Well ladies...

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I don't know how we sit compared to everyone else.. We lost a total of 7.5 pounds. Not great really. Blueeyed girl and Shelly.. both came in at the top for us. IF I am still in the running next week I will have to really kick it up. No sad number for me. :)

I will get the new challenge up for you all soon. We have a pretty busy weekend. I hope you all have a good one. Make wise choices on food and MOVE. :)


  • mrsdizzyd84
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    :cry: :brokenheart:
  • allycat5723
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    This is a little depressing, and I'm frustrated that I'm partly to blame! I'm going to work it so much harder this week!
  • KerriMx5
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    It is a little depressing BUT think of it as motivation for us to move more next week!!!! WE CAN ONLY MOVE FORWARD!!! Last week we all worked harder with workouts and such then we did the week before. I noticed it on the news feed. So, we are trying. I am actually happy with that. I just wanted to share a little "reality." You all are awesome!!
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    im part of that too. having 2 kids under 2 with me all day i cant find time to get works outs in. if one is asleep the other is surely awake. i just put my elliptical together today and need to just attach the cup holder and get batteries and im good to go.
  • KerriMx5
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    That is great Krista. It is all about trying I think. Pushing a little harder and being creative. I know for me there are so many hurdles. LOL