What are your goals on MFP?

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I've been a member of MFP for a long time....I think like 2006 (but I had a different screenname). When I joined, I was trying to pull my body back together after my second child. I originally used a pay site call Calorieking but MFP is just as good (if not better because it's FREE).

Anyway I reached goal and a few years later found myself divorced! (Totally unrealted to the weight loss LOL - more to due with the alcoholic cheater I was married to)

Flash forward to today....new (ahem younger ;) husband, a 17 month old baby (child #3).....and my 40th bday right around the corner (I'll be 37 on 11/11/11! cool right?)

I know my "NUMBER" It's the number that I feel comfortable in my skin, fit in my pants, and I'm almost there. I started to regain control Mother's Day last year. Had a few ups and downs....like a trip to Disney and a new job (I'm a college professor) but here I am only about 9-10 lbs from goal. I have not lost my weight "traditionally" this time as I did back in 2006...but it's working for me. I'm following the HCG protocol. After reaching my goal weight - or at the end of my current round (just after Thanksgiving) I plan on doing it ithe "old fashioned way."

My goal is to incorporate more exercise. We have a gym membership but it's gone untouched for months due to crazy schedules and laziness.

What about you?


  • TDSeest
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    I'm pretty fit now, for being 150 pounds overweight still, so my primary goal is to lose the remaining 150 pounds. I've riden my bike 3200 miles this year, so far. I want to ride my bike 6000 miles next year with my sons.
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    Mine is to be a healthy weight for the first time since I was 5 and to avoid the crappy health my parents have experienced. On the vanity size of things would love to be a single didgit size for the first time ever :) 50 ish pounds to go
  • My goal is to eat healthier but also get back to a weight where I'm not tired all the time. I also want to lead by example for my children. I look at how my parents eat and feel that the example I was shown helped to contribute to the weight gain. Oh, and I gained 75 pounds with both of my children so I'm sure that has helped. :)
  • My goals are to be happy in my own skin - I think that has always been my goal. I have always been the one to worry about what other people think and try to be something I'm not. I'm so done with that - I am doing this for me and no on else. I am 1 lb from the 100 lbs lost mark - WOOHOO!! I don't know how much I have left to lose because I don't have a set number in my head. I will stop when I feel comfortable with myself and like what I see in the mirror.

    Along this "journey", I am learning to take compliments - that might be the hardest part. I know that sounds strange, but it's true - I never really got them before. :blushing:
  • JustJessie
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    My goals are to become healthy!

    I would love to run a 5k sometime before summer. ( I was thinking maybe the St. Patty's day run) If anyone is interested in joining me message me!! I am starting the C25K program today! I have never sign-up for a race before. There is a Mud Run in May usually by Harrah's Casino that looks like it would be amazingly fun to do but also a tough course.

    I want to feel good in my clothes!

    Mostly I want to just try new things and become more active. I want to try out more things that are outdoors as well such as hiking, biking, running, etc.
  • jmlrh2
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    My goals are to become healthy but for me that means being able to run a 5k, cutting my weight down to around 205 where I can actually see my abs, and increasing all of my weightlifting numbers.
  • My goals on MFP: these are the short term ones.
    1. lose enough weight to wear the new swim suit I bought to Florida in May.
    2. Walk up 1 long flight of stairs (at work) without any shortness of breath.
    3. keep food diary daily no matter how embarrasing some days may be.
    4. stay under cal goal at least 80% of the time.
    5. exercise at least 3 times per week... and at the gym at least 2 of those days.

    what do you think reasonable? too easy?....
  • ksroyer
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    I went from teaching in a school where I traveled from classroom to classroom, floor to floor and building to building; to a mostly sedentary library job. After losing 50 lbs, I have now put almost 35 lbs back on. I am ready to get my life back. Currently, I have been sidelined with joint pain. Hoping to find some workout buddies. I need the motivation of accountability. I live very close to Forest Park and workout at the HEIGHTS in Richmond Heights. Please feel free to friend me or message me.
  • LittleNicci
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    To not get winded wherever I go, be able to climb stairs and not feel like Im going to fall over, to be able to enjoy everything STL has to offer (not from here originally and havent done a whole lot in my 5 years here) Basically, I want to be healthy again!
  • Hellllllllllloooooooo St. Louis!

    I try to set short term goals. This helps me see progress and not get discouraged. My short term goals are

    1. To lose 12 lbs by Dec31, 2012
    2 To Maintain a workout routine of 4 x 1 hr/week in that same time frame

    If I lose 12 lbs, I will be at 180 which is great for me (Started at 211) and will be much healthier than a few years ago.

    Once I reach my goal I will set a new goal.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Go Cards...as much as they can at this time of year.
  • TracySTL
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    My goal is to feel good about myself!
    I want to be able to keep up with my kids and not sweat profusely trying to do it.
    I want to sit in a seat at Busch Stadium and not rub shoulders with the guy next to me.
    I want to ride a roller coaster again.
    I want to BE HEALTHY!
  • My goals are simple: I want to live a healthier lifestyle, and MFP has been really helpful with that goal. So far I've dropped 28 lbs.
  • ABC_Always
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    To get ridiculously ripped by March 1 for a competition I'm in!

    I'm already fit but never counted calories before so looking forward to the changes.
  • Goals:
    • get healthy
    • get off blood pressure meds
    • improve my image
    • have confidence in myself
    • have fun
  • My goals are to continue to lose weight and build lean mass. I've lost 51 lbs and hope to get down to between 175 and 225. I'm not sure what healthy would be. I'll know when i get there.

    I'm in the process of adding running and weight lifting back to my life.
  • BrettWithPKU
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    I'm 6' 2". I'm presently 280 lb, and (though I haven't measured) about a 44" waist.
    My goal: to lose 70 pounds by Halloween. Also lose 10" to my waist.

    So I'm shooting for an athletic build at 210lb and a 34" waist.

    To get there, obviously smart food choices are imperative. I'm also doing a combination of Insanity workout tapes, treadmill cardio, jump rope, and a sports league and related practices.
  • Desifreckle
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    I'm in the last leg of my journey, it's been tough. I just want to eat healthier and feel better about myself. :)