When is your first 2012 tri and how do you feel about your t

cliffdc Posts: 30 Member
...feel about your training?

I'll start. I just signed up for an Olympic distance tri in Virginia in April. I have done it once before and apparently had a bad day on the run. My bike split was in the top 25 of bike splits. Run tanked and was ranked in the bottom 10% :-( I like to go hard on the bike my crappy run was a bad day, plus heavy and not too much early run training ( I ran slower than 10min/mile)

I am now in a much better place in 2012. In 2012 I have lost about 13 pounds so far and have run about 140 miles total.
I am itching to race. The weather in the mid-Atlantic region has been so warm EVERYBODY has been training more.
I hope to weigh about 24 pounds less on Race Day (April 14 2012) than I did Jan 5th 2012.

I had a breakthrough run on Feb 9th of 7 miles in 59 minutes. ( a lot better than 10mi/miles!).
I have neglected the bike slightly and need to get in the pool.
Generally, I am ready to rock.


  • kbwdad
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    I was training for my first 2012 Tri to be next weekend but I got an email that it was postponed. I was looking forward to it so it kinda put a stick in my spokes. I knew of others in the area and looked into them so I signed up for an OLY on March 25th. Gives me another month of training which is probably a good thing. I haven't trained to the extent that I had wanted to. I'm excited again and plan to get back on track with my training.

    Good luck in Virginia.
  • I'm very excited about my very first triathlon on June 9th! Its a Sprint Tri at Lums Pond State Park in Delaware! I'm confident for both the swim & bike portions of the race, but quite nervous about the run. I'm a terrible runner & like CLIFFDC I run less than a 10 min mile currently (on the treadmill). I do tend to run faster and longer when I'm outdoors rather than on a treadmill, but usually have to take a 1-2 minute walk break every 7-8 minutes. But I've been working really hard at bettering my weakness.

    I've recently gotten into circuit training which I believe is really going to help expand my athleticism for the race. Other than that, I run, I spin, I swim, I lift - anything that keeps me active!
  • Kilter
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    I am signed up for an Olympic tri out at UBC in Vancouver on March 11. I've done this one a couple of times, and I'm totally looking forward to getting out and racing.

    Blowing snow on my run today though, so here's to hoping for dry roads on race day.

    Aiming for an easy race, just steady pacing on the build up to later season races.

  • jacksonpt
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    At this point, my first one is a half iron man in july. I have a LOOONG way to go. Once the weather breaks and I can get my bikes back out on the roads I need to focus pretty heavily on bricks.
  • ironholgs
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    My first race this year will be Ironman Lanzarote in May, I was going to do a sprint in April but it filled up before I could enter.

    Looking forward to the race and scared at the same time as it's a tough one.

    Had a couple of rough months with family illness which meant I missed out on weekend training, but picking up again with long rides at weekends.

    It's just about getting round, then 5 weeks later I'll hopefully get an Ironman pb in my second race.

    Good luck everyone for your upcoming races.
  • I am doing my first sprint tri in September in Va Beach. I have been doing a lot of running and stationary bike. i plan to start a training plan in the next couple of weeks and i still need to purchase a road bike.

    other then the road bike issue i am excited.
  • I am doing my first sprint tri in September in Va Beach. I have been doing a lot of running and stationary bike. i plan to start a training plan in the next couple of weeks and i still need to purchase a road bike.

    other then the road bike issue i am excited.

    I have to get a road bike too! I only have a mountain bike. Waiting till the weather gets a little warmer so it doesn't just sit in my garage for the next month or two.
  • lisasudduth
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    I've signed up for the Mermaid sprint in Alameda CA in June. I may look at doing a longer distance tri later in the year but I don't have a bunch of training time. I'm marching in a drum and bugle corps so my weekends are pretty busy. The good thing is that both activities are very physical so it helps to train for both at the same time.
  • trijoe
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    Haven't signed up for a darn thing yet, and not sure when I will. Not too worried about it though. Just gonna have fun this season, and race whatever I feel like when I feel like it. My base is good. I had a good base going into winter, and my winter training has only strengthened it. So, although there are no races on the docket, I feel strong, ready, confident.
  • Drudoo
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    My first is April 1 in Galveston. It is a 70.3. I am using it as a benchmark race to see how far I have progressed since doing the same race a year ago.

    I am 30 lbs lighter and much faster on the bike and run so the time should be drastically different.
  • kentmanion
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    My first tri of the year is Kansas 70.3 June 10.

    I have had to neglect the bike somewhat because I have been training for my first marathon March 4th! This has been good for me though because the run i my weak area and I have seen great improvement. I still have a few more lbs to drop for my tri race weight, but should be able to get there. I have been hitting the pool pretty hard over the past month and am really looking forward to some saddle time next week after this 26,2 mile Sunday!!
  • acmseattle
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    Aiming for a June sprint as a tuneup to an Olympic in July. Haven't done a tri since 2006! Have been training since January 1 and feel like I have a very good base to begin an official training plan next week. Would love to try a 70.3 next year.
  • copa2251
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    I did a sprint in February to get me back into training after Christmas and I've got an Oly on 25 March - Mooloolaba Triathlon.
    My cyclings been my weak discipline so I'm working on that. I looked back through my logs and I just wasn't putting enough bike time in before, I find running much more appealing!
  • jjjohnson31
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    My first isn’t until August, so plenty of run and bike time ahead.

    The August tri will be my first OWS, so I have to spend as much non-pool time as I can with the preciously short Alaska summer to get swims in. The wetsuit should protect from the cold, but I am more scared of getting eaten by nature; I have a couple months left to get up the nerve while the ice melts.
  • Training2Tri
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    I'm doing the NYC Olympic distance Tri July 8th.

    I'm not ready. I swam this week and was not happy with my swim. I ran this week and was not happy with my run. I am happy in spin class and that's kind of all I have going for me right now.

    Does anyone want to share what has been working for them? What mantras are people using on runs and in the water? I think having a few sayings to repeat to myself it would help me with my training.
  • bstamps12
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    My first is a sprint on June 9th. I think I'm sticking with sprint distance this season but I'm not sure. I am doing the Arkansas Triathlon Series which includes 2 Olympic distance tri's I can do...I get more points for Oly distance obviously but not sure about how I would place compared to in the sprint. I'm also moving this summer and I'm not sure about how much time i'll have to train.

    I just did my first half marathon and felt confident about my result in that. But, the buildup required for that left me with little time to bike and swim. I'm not worried about the swim since I grew up as a competitive swimmer, but I need to start swimming at least once per week again. The bike is my main concern. I did get a road bike this Christmas but haven't had time to ride it as much as I would have liked. Just under 3 months until the race and I am doing much better than last year (my first tri season).
  • rob_v
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    My first one this year is coming up in June - The 3 Pigs triathlon. This will be my 3rd year doing it. I improved almost 9 minutes from the first year to the 2nd. I'm thinking I will do about 5 mins better this year.
    This year is the first time I have actually incorporated strength training and other types of training into my routine. I can already see gains in what I have done just based on my training ride times from last year to this year.
    My run still sucks though!

    I have 3 other sprints I'm doing and 2 Olympics and ending the season w/ a Full Ironman (Beach to Battleship in Willmington NC).
    (Which happens to be the day before my 42nd birthday)
  • scott091501
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    My first is an Oly the end of April. I am itching to go. Aiming to top ten my AG for the first time in a decent sized race.