What's your 2012 goal?



  • Kilter
    Kilter Posts: 188 Member
    No major goal for distance, it's all about doing Ironman this year as a primary running goal.

    In the back of my head though I'm aiming for 1500 - 1800km of running.

    I half plan on doing a Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October) marathon, but that is going to depend on how I feel following Ironman in August.

    I have a couple of other goals though.

    My new baby is overdue by 8 days now. I'm looking forward to running at least 1 race with him late in the season (October or November). Why, just because I want to, no other reason :)

    My other goal is to live up to the shirt I'm wearing right now:



  • thepetiterunner
    thepetiterunner Posts: 1,256 Member
    Here are my 2012 goals:

    1. Run at least 1,000 miles this year.
    2. Run 2 marathons.
    3. Pick out my first ultramarathon race.

    Run happy :)

    That's all!
  • grinch031
    grinch031 Posts: 1,679
    1. Finish a marathon in under 3:40.
    2. Finish a half marathon in under 1:35.
    3. Break 7:00 pace in a 10K
  • rockstarginaa
    rockstarginaa Posts: 1,529 Member
    Run at least 1000 miles.
    Complete me 1st marathon (May 6th)
    Hopefully complete my 1st Marathon in under 5 hours, but finishing it will be enough.

    I already set a new PR for 1/2 marathon. :)
  • msapril177
    msapril177 Posts: 56 Member
    Do more races than 2011, which shouldn't be too difficult. Also, PR SOMETHING! I don't care if it's a 5k, 10k, or a Half. I need a new PR in something.
  • Floridaboiler
    Floridaboiler Posts: 51 Member
    Since I am still recovering from injury, I am hoping to get my mileage back above 1000 miles for the year and complete a few races. I need to see what I can afford and what interests me this year!
  • jbrinda1
    jbrinda1 Posts: 153 Member
    Been slowly rehabbing plantar fasciitis and post tib tendonitis in right foot. Feeling good last couple days, so my hopes for a decent Boston have perked up.

    Here's my goals:

    1. Learn to swim right and get some open water experience
    2. Cross train regularly
    3. More bike miles this year (1,000+)
    4. Qualify for Boston in 2013 (4th straight) @ Boston on April 16th (not going to be easy on zero running miles since Jan 1!)
    5. Drop 15 to 25 lbs
    6. Finish Tough Mudder strong @ Pocono, PA in mid-May
    7. Finish Megatransect under 7 hours in September
    8. Half Mary - sub 90
    9. 10K - sub 40
    10. 5K - sub 19
    11. Try to break into top 3 in 45-49 age group at local races (very lofty ambition, 40-44 was way easier!)
    12. Live like there's no tomorrow, and enjoy the ride!