Calories burned on EASA2 compared to IRL

I was wondering how the calories burned-meter and the HRM in EASA2 compared to real life HRM measurements. Are they reliable or completely off?

I usually burn 200 - 250 cals on a 30 min EASA workout, but as I don't own a HRM, I have no way to know if EA is right about this. It doesn't matter much as I usually don't eat back my exercise cals, but I'm still curious.


  • skaville1976
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    I was wondering about this too and whether I should cut 25% or more off the calories I log. Some of the MFP exercises seem a bit on the high side as well.

    I also use SportyPalPro on my mobile phone to track my cycling and jogging and that seems slightly more accurate, but is there an online database somewhere that has comprehensive listings for a variety of exercises that takes into account body weight, etc?

    I usually eat back my exercise calories but would feel more comfortable knowing that I wasn't overshooting.

    This is turning into a great motivational group, isn't it?
  • nursemickey
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    Well, last night my HRM was just about spot on with the games cal/hr.........however I say this, HRM will continue to count cals even if you are just will also count cals if you just turn it on and lay it on the counter. It kinda works like a treadmill. When you turn it on, it automatically starts counting cals even if you are not on it working those cals off it's still be counted.

    So, what I'm saying is................The cals are very close to being accurate on the game vs HRM WHILE you are working out.
  • skaville1976
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    Great, that's good to know. I now feel more confident logging the EA calories burnt.
  • Roeri011
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    I'm not convinces the EASA2 HRM is accurate. When I first got my Garmin FR70 I was having trouble getting a good reading and it wasn't registering any calories burned. Through trial & error I can now get it to read consistently. The last couple weeks I've been wearing it doing my EASA2 workouts. I periodically cross reference my heart rate between the 2 while working out. During the warm up/cool down and other low impact activities they are almost spot on. During higher intensity actives (running, stride jumps, jumping rope, etc) the EASA2 tends to read low (in HR zone 2 while my Garmin reading in 3 or 4). Today the game said I burned 242 calories in 38 minutes. My FR70 said I burned 410 calories in 50 minutes. I know my HRM is counting calories between exercises (which I think are still calories I "earned") while the game is not so that might also make up for some of the difference.
  • skaville1976
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    That's interesting. I don't mind too much if EA2 underrecords. I just don't want to eat back calories that I never burned in the first place.
  • skbohanon
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    Hello all!

    I'm glad I found this thread as I've been having the same questions! I wear the Polar HRM on my wrist and will measure my heart rate between each exercise. And I've been entering the final calorie burned count on MFP from my HRM as opposed to the calorie burn amount on EA. There is about a 100 calorie difference (with my HRM registering higher).

    My logic was that since my HRM was actually on my wrist measuring my actual heart rate then I figured it was more accurate.

    Anyway... that's my two cents! :)
  • NotThePest
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    I wasn't on the team that designed EASA 2.0 nor do I know anyone who did, but I think they calibrated the HRM to take into consideration the resting calorie burn and subtract that out of the mix. There is a debate going on within the Sports Medicine and Fitness Professional communities on how to actual count "exercise" calories and those calories only. If we, as humans, burn calories all the time, even when we are sleeping, in order to maintain and support the necessary goings on that indicate we are still alive, should we or should we not include those calories (body maintenance), is the question. :devil:

    I'm adding a link that explains total calories burned and net calories.