KOPS contests or program ideas.

Nancy1065 Posts: 6 Member
Hi everyone. I am the new leader of my TOPS group and we are a very small group of 10 with 2 of those being KOPS. What does your group do to keep the KOPS members motivated as far as any contest ideas or programs. Thanks in Advance.


  • allishaFaye
    allishaFaye Posts: 53 Member
    we are a group of 47 and 4 kops and we arent doing anything i would love to come up with some ideas!
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 55 Member
    We are a chapter of about 40 with half of the members as KOPS. We usually have contests with 2 prizes...1 for TOPS and 1 for KOPS. Usually KOPS need to be at goal or within leeway, stay for meeting, contact members, exercise....all the same as TOPS except TOPS needs to lose weight. Not all of our members do the contests....but they can if they want to....I would say, have a prize for both so they are included.

    Hope that helps.