What to wear during a triathlon

murdy745 Posts: 71 Member
Newbie question...what is everyone wearing during a triathlon?


  • aggiesrar05
    aggiesrar05 Posts: 335 Member
    I just bought tri shorts. Still looking for a top that a)fits right and b)I like :-)

    My Sprint tri in t-30 days!
  • TylerJ76
    TylerJ76 Posts: 4,375 Member
    I will be wearing tri shorts, then putting on a tshirt for the bike/run

    Gonna have to let my fat gut hang out for the swim.
  • trijoe
    trijoe Posts: 729 Member
    Normally, tri shorts and a sleeveless bike jersey. This isn't exactly ideal, as the jersey pockets can give drag in the water. But my sleeveless jerseys fit well and I'm comfortable wearing them. If you're thin enough (which I'm NOT!!!), a tri top is the way to go. And, of course, wicking socks.

    Also, I have a wetsuit, depending on water temp, swim distance, and whether or not it's OWS.

    Hope this helps.
  • drdenise
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    I have a tri suit (see my pic). It was easy, has pockets in the back for some Gu packs. The only bad part.......taking it off and finding green slime from the lake (nasty).
  • scott091501
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    Tri top and tri shorts. Easier to use the facilities if need be than with the onesie. Really want to get a swim skin.
  • freezerburn2012
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    Spandex. Lots and lots of spandex.
  • IronmanPanda
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    <-- This.

    More specifically, tri top and tri bibs/shorts depending on the distance.

    If your swim is wetsuit legal consider wearing it as it will save you time and energy on the swim.
    Just make sure you practice taking it off quickly.
  • ironholgs
    ironholgs Posts: 46 Member
    tri top and shorts, makes bathroom breaks easier.
    Sometimes wear calf guards, and running shoes with elastic laces, no socks if below half ironman.
    Cycling gloves and sunglasses.
    Cap on the run if hot ( I burn easily )