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11 weeks - might be *TMI*

evelynfarmer Posts: 135 Member
Ugggh.... my daughter will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and my "monthly" just returned yesterday in FULL FORCE... Not really having any negative symptoms but the bloat and the water weight. Weekly weigh in this Saturday and I will take that into account if the scale is not looking how I want it to look.

I sure did NOT miss this crap ~ AT ALL.....


  • watermorg
    watermorg Posts: 7
    Have the same situation over here!! Had an IUD put in so its not very heavy...just all the bloat!! NOT to mention I quit nursing (too low of a supply) so Im feeling ginormous!!
  • graycalico
    graycalico Posts: 30 Member
    I'm nine months out and mine is still a no show. Reeeaaally not looking forward to having it again. Maybe I'll breastfeed forever. LOL
  • spiregrain
    spiregrain Posts: 254 Member
    I was just wondering if I was getting the PMS to end all... my son is 8 months old and still no show, I am starting to wonder if I got pregnant again in the meantime???? But right now I am feeling crazy!!! AAHH!
  • mycrazy8splus1
    mycrazy8splus1 Posts: 1,558 Member
    my son turned 10 months today and still nothing! He is nursing between 4 and 6x a day still though. They say you can't get preggo while nursing but that is a lie! Has happened to me twice!!!!!!