What are the P/C/F macros you shoot for?

Maasmondy Posts: 54 Member
Just curious, what macros do you aim to meet each day? What percentage P/C/F? Since changing my diet, I notice my F is over 20%, which is what I aimed for previously. I know we'll end up having a higher F content and that's the point.

But just curious what everyone else's goals are...



  • agentventi
    agentventi Posts: 84 Member
    right now mine is 60% fat 30% protein and 10% carbs. Might mess with it a bit more but seems to be okay right now :)
  • rla099
    rla099 Posts: 66 Member
    I just make sure i have btwn 500-100 g of carbs and about 100 grams of protein. I play with the % until it meets those numbers. :)
  • Spooky_Rach
    Spooky_Rach Posts: 25 Member
    I'm trying for 60% fat, 25% protein and 15% carbs at the moment. Seems to going good for me :)
  • SweetxCatastrophe
    SweetxCatastrophe Posts: 593 Member
    Right now I have mine set to 20% carb, 40% each fat and protein which for 1400cal is 70g carbs, 140g protein (I usually dont eat more than 115ish though) and 62g fat. I'm still playing with the numbers though it seems to be working for now
  • Zeromilediet
    Zeromilediet Posts: 787 Member
    C/F/P = 20/50/30 Have no trouble eating the fat; protein more difficult :-)