HIIT and carb intake question

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After researching the Paleo & Primal Diet for last couple days, my husband and I are tempted to give it a shot. I tried low carb before (Atkins & South Beach Diet) and never lasted long because I wasn't doing well with the low carb intake. I'm reading that 50-100 carbs per day is what I should be shooting for. Is the intake the same for those who do regular high intensity interval training (6 out of 7 days may cut to 3 days)? I plan on restarting another round of Insanity and it's an intense workout (in addition to lifting 3 times per week) but so is CrossFit and I know that many "CrossFitters" are on Paleo). My worry is that I won't have the energy to stick with it.


  • freckled_lady
    Most Paleo-ers don't count calories/carbs etc. If you are looking to lose weight and adopt a paleo lifestyle, I would limit the amount of fruit/nuts in your diet. High fat and high protein yield great results. Just listen to your tummy :) I shoot for about 40% from fat, 35% protein, and 25% carb and I lead a very active lifestyle.
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    I try and stay about 85g carbs on my nonexercise days - however the days I exercise or lift I will throw in something like a sweet potato - so it gives me the carbs and glycogen needed -so I could be as high as 150 (still below the "average")

    I did crossfit for 6 months (taking the summer off because it is way to hectic for us right now) - a bunch of us adhered to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle - the guys who were really doing heavy lifting added in more protien and sweet potatoes and bananas after lifting....

    Check out my friend Mikes Blog - http://peakpaleo.com/ lots of great recipes and meal ideas - we did a 30 day strict Paleo challenge together and he is an avid crossfitter...

    I will say I would ease your way into it if you are planning on keeping up the exercise - I am to a point where I can do a nice full workout and not need any extra carbs...although I do love my sweet potatoes so somedays I push myself extra hard knowing I am going to have a nice big sweet potato

    I will say I disagree with freckled_lady about not watching calories/carbs - I have to watch both or I will gain weight and right now I am in a position where I would like to loose weight (or at least body fat). I know from my crossfit gym that there were people who were eating Paleo and lifting because they were looking to GAIN muscle - so in that respect they also needed to watch not only thier calorie intake (since it needed to be high), but also what they eat and the correlation of carbs to protien in order to build muscle vs energy usage.
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    The food on Peak Paleo looks FABULOUS!