Paleo Cake?

Hi all!
My son's birthday is coming up, and I was thinking about making him a cake, and I haven't seen a recipe out there for one. I was considering just taking a normal cake recipe and substituing for paleo ingredients, so for flour I'd use coconut flour, for milk I'd use coconut milk, so on and so forth.

Has anyone ever done this before? Any suggestions/tips/or ideas?

Thanks in advance!


  • rla099
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    I am going through this right now. Tropical Traditions has some cake recipes that would qualify as paleo. Also there are blogs that have some like
    elana's pantry
    paleo parents

    that is just a few...there are a ton.

    I think i'm going to use one from tropical traditions and use coconut sugar. She is turning 1 and i'm still kind of scared to give her honey. She has never had cake so i'm interested to see what she does. :)

    If I come across anymore i'll let you know. My daughter's birthday is july 28th so I have about a week to come up with something.
  • skwidlund
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    I've done this carrot cake from the Food Lover's Kitchen a few times and it's always a hit - I'm planning to try this coconut cake recipe for my birthday next week - They have a few other cake recipes on their site, and their recipes always turn out well for me. The sugar content is usually a little higher than what I prefer - but I figure they're for special occassions and not everyday eating.

    Just remember if you're using coconut flour you have to significantly up the moisture. Using all of those eggs in one item seems to keep me from baking too often...but that's probably a good thing!
  • crissyrox
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    Thanks everyone! Found some great stuff :)
  • SweetxCatastrophe
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    Definitely can't do an equal swap of coconut flour for regular flour. I used this recipe and it was delish:

    Its a coconut cake but I'm sure it would be great with sliced strawberries or something if you didn't want the coconut flakes
  • aggiesrar05
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    My coworker made me the "Chocolate birthday cupcakes" on PaleOMG, for my birthday. They were delicious!!

    Edited to say: Interestingly enough my coworker (who does not eat paleo and gives me a hard time about it all the time) actually liked the cupcakes.
  • kecarlto
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    I made these brown velvet cupcakes for my nephew's second birthday and they were very good. The icing is just ok - made out of cashews. I will try a different icing if I make them again. I would recommend icing them (or any cake made with coconut flour) as soon as possible as they dry out pretty quickly. Icing helps seal in some of the moisture. Without icing they were fantastic the first day, good the second, ok but dry after that.

    Good luck, let us know how whatever you decide on turns out.
  • digitalalchemy
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    I've always wanted to try this, but haven't had time. Looks so yummy, though!