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Welcome my FIT-sters (fitness sisters)! We are a group of sisters that want to enjoy our fitness journey together. Our goal is to focus on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, no matter where each person is in their individual journey. We will encourage and motivate each other. This is an ACTIVE group, so we will also meet together to work out or participate in activities on several occasions. Examples of some of the activities will include taking classes at a gym, going for walks/runs together, biking, getting together for line dancing, attending different fitness events and more. At times we might go on a simple walk while taking time to appreciate Jehovah and all he has created. Sometimes we will have family events. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged! Of course we can’t all do everything, but there will be plenty activities and events we each can choose from. On occasion there will be challenges. These are not mandatory and you will not have to participate in them if they do not appeal to you.

We will not push diets, workouts or opinions on others. We each have our own way of doing things. We can mention what works for us and can even give each other suggestions; we just do not want to try to force anyone to conform to our way of thinking. Each person has to find what works best individually for them.

The main contact will be through MyFitness Pal. On occasion there will be text messages sent, but for the most part each person is responsible for checking in on a regular basis to find out what is going on with meeting up for workouts, events and challenges. For some sisters, it is inconvenient to constantly get several text messages. We understand sometimes last minute things and/or opportunities come up in which a text is the best way to communicate, but let’s keep that to a minimum when needed.

Please remember this is a private group and we want to keep it limited only to those who love Jehovah and are putting spiritual things first. A sister must be in good standing and active to join and participate in the group. We ask everyone be mindful of that before inviting anyone to be a part of the group.

Have fun FIT-sters!!! Let’s do this!
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