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  • Treading water is staying in the same place in the water and just keeping yourself afloat. You see water polo players and synchronised swimmers doing it a lot. I would expect it burn less calories than swimming as you aren't having to move through the water and you use a lot less of your muscles.
  • I get what you are saying about not doing your own thing, lighter barbells would definitely be preferable to anything else. If I had had to start OHP with a 45lb bar, I would probably have given up due to an inability to push it at all. Using dumbells to make a similar movement would allow you to progress up to the bar.
  • As you are female and if you have never weighlifted before, the bar may be too heavy so you may need to start with dumbells, or lighter fixed weight barbells. Too light is better than too heavy at the beginning to get your form sorted.
  • Had ostrich for the first time the other week - it was lovely. Enjoy
  • It felt like running should burn more calories but I couldn't think of a scientific reason why as you are moving your weight the same distance - now I know. Thanks for the link.
  • You are kind of disappointed when you've planned your dinner to hit your macros, get home from work and your husband is already cooking dinner. You won't hit your macros and nothing will have been weighed. It happens rarely enough that it isn't worth stressing about. It is nice not to have to cook sometimes.
  • I'm from the Wirral. Feel free to add me.
  • My understanding is that it isn't cardio that makes you skinny fat, it is being in a calorie deficit with no resistance training. You will lose LBM as well as fat when you drop. Resistance training reduced the amount of LBM that you use and so reduced the appearance of skinny fat.
  • My diary is open to friends and I cook most evenings.
  • CW - 150lbs GW - 135lbs (bit of a guess at the moment) H - 5'6" Age - 34 Female from the UK
  • I'm probably stronger than I ever have been, even though I haven't been lifting weights for that long. However my fitness levels aren't anything like when I was in the pool playing water polo and swimming 8 times a week, and slightly depressingly, probably never will be again. I want to be stronger than I am now. I also…