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  • I don't recall where you are boarding, if you are heading north on I-5 from Eugene, wave to the west when you drive by Keizer Station. I live about three miles from there. Have a great vacation! Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Hey! I went to the dentist today too, just for a cleaning. No xrays until November. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Happy May Day to everyone! Finals week this coming week with four commencement ceremonies next weekend, and then I transition to the summer schedule -- four day work week with Fridays off. Boy am I ever looking forward to that. The four days will be longer (still have to get in 40 hours), but it will be so lovely to have a…
  • Hi, Katla. I'm sorry you felt disrespected. I'm sure I've made my mother feel like that over the past few months. So here's the daughter's perspective: My mother is elderly and set in her ways. If I (and my niece, as well) hadn't stepped in, she wouldn't be eating. She wouldn't have a clean house. She wouldn't have gone to…
  • Oh, Kim. As I started reading I was praying what you described was not what you were going to say. I just can't believe it. I have no words. What a horrible, horrible person. I am praying for your whole family. This is just so very sad. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Hello all. I can't believe we're already half way through April. Things here are a bit chaotic. I am still working full-time and as I've been feeling better, I find I have much more work to do. Hubby got an amazing job offer with a new start up company, so he is transitioning from one to the next. He'll be "at" the new job…
  • I'm sorry, Katla. I'm glad he has help. What kinds of issues is he having that needs RN visits? I know diabetes and MS, but what are the results of those issues which need care? I can hear in your voice how stressful this has been. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • None of mine would ever take a bottle. But she's just working part-time right? She can arrange it so that she nurses before she leaves and immediately after she gets back. Miles will be just fine. I was working full-time, and the day care provider was just a mile from my work, so I would take the baby to the daycare, nurse…
  • This is such a rough time. You have to do what you need to do to protect yourself. Having your friend with you is a great idea. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Welcome to the new people. By way of introduction for those of you who don't know . . . I am 61, and am not supposed to be trying to lose weight right now. I was diagnosed in May 2021 with de novo metastatic breast cancer to the spine. The last 10 months have been crazy -- chemo, surgery, radiation, and oral therapies. My…
  • Happy belated birthday, Barbie!! It sounds like you had a delightful day. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Oh, Betsy. I am so very sorry. That is very shocking. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Hooray!!!!! Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I'm so thankful. I've been worried about you. We all care about you so much! Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I agree. You've been under a lot of stress with your husband's illness. Don't neglect your health and well-being. It could be a good time since your daughter is here to go with you. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Pip -- So happy that your recovery is going so well. The activity you are doing is probably helping your recovery go even better! Welcome to the newcomers. Too much going on to update. But I am fine. Much love to all. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • So they aren't interactive at all, I presume. How has he been feeling? Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • The food can be an issue, too. I hadn't thought of that. I didn't eat caffeine or chocolate or gassy foods like cabbage while I was nursing. I'm glad they are both resting now. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Allie -- I can't find the post now where you asked about colic. All three of mine had it. What you have to remember is that there is nothing you can do about the crying. They are going to cry. Once you've checked if he is wet or hungry, if he still cries, you have two choices. One you just hold him and let him cry. Or you…
  • I am very relieved to hear she is coming. It will be good to have another pair of ears at your husband's doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hope you have a restful, uneventful night tonight. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I'm concerned, Katla. As I'm sure you are, too. Has your husband become immobile? (Since the fire department had to come help him get into bed.) If things are that bad, can it wait until Monday? Should you call an ambulance to get him to the ER? Hoping you've at least heard from the doctor to get some guidance. Flea…
  • Did they determine it was cancer? I feel like I missed something. But yes, Pip is amazing! A great role model for all of us. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Thinking about you, Pip, and praying that your recover continues to go well. Home tomorrow? Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Oh, Pip. I am so thankful they were able to remove that mass in tact. Hoping for the best for you. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I don't think so. Jmkmom's name was Joyce, so I think that's who Allie is talking about. I'm here. Overwhelmed and overtired. Work is absolutely crazy, as it seems to be in a lot of places. I've finished my three weeks of radiation to the chest wall, and I am sore! The nurse said my skin would continue to burn for another…
  • Praying for you, Beth. Always, but especially today. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • I'm sorry you're feeling that way, Allie. You must be an extrovert, because my introvert self thinks that you are quite active -- you get together with your friends very often, but it sounds like you really wish it could be every day. Try to hold on to those times when you do get to have social events with your friends.…
  • Oh, Pip. Hoping and praying for the best. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • This is super helpful, Lanette. We are dealing with similar issues with my mother. I was not prepared for it, as I did not understand it was a thing. Thank you for sharing it. Flea Willamette Valley, OR
  • Beth and Katie -- I'm so sorry. Please take care of yourselves as best you can. Flea Willamette Valley, OR