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  • photos/stories like these are awesome. slow and steady (not the tabloid "lose xxx weight in three months").
  • Fitbit blaze owner here. Originally a surge owner. Originally got them to keep track of my calories burnt. Now that I have worn them for a considerable amount of time, I know ABOUT how many calories I burn on certain days, based on what exercises I do. I do take the calories burnt as a rough estimate because I have noticed…
  • I hear you. Have same issue. Too many people try to tell you "should control seizures with 'natural' remedies' ".
  • I agree with the "taper off" approach. I loved my mt. dew. That stuff was it good, and high in sugar. I slowly tapered off and drank water with some orange flavoring in it. eventually I was down to just water with the mio orange flavoring. Now I get a headache IF I have some. Probably from all that sugar.