What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • Panda8ach
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    Flabby mum pooch.... :s
  • skyeg1984
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    Can't wait !
  • mbboy2065
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    A lot of people will assume you care about every one of the latest diet crazes and so will tell you about some random detox or diet that sounds impossible to follow permanently but that is apparently completely life changing (or so they've heard). I have seizures (or I used to before I got on medication) so I have had to be careful and talk with my doctor, because if I don't eat enough I have noticed that my threshold gets low. It gets borderline offensive on occasion when people I know say that they read about a new diet that can cure me, especially when I am on medication that works, and knowing that they see me as defective is hurtful. I'm not going to trust a non-doctor with my health or someone who possibly cured their child's autism/cancer/whatever with a diet of avocado and string beans. Or a supposed doctor on television or a doctor who wrote a book.

    I hear you. Have same issue. Too many people try to tell you "should control seizures with 'natural' remedies' ".
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    Alidecker wrote: »
    That my butt would lose some shape. ☹ I'm down 60 some lbs, with 40 lbs to go and noticed today that my butt isn't as shapely as it used to be. Currently searching Pinterest for butt building workouts. Haha

    Lunges Lunges Lunges

    I had no butt when I was overweight and even less now. But what I do have is much perkier (and therefore looks much more shapely) because I have strengthened those muscles back there. That and certain yoga poses can help. But try to do private classes (don't do them at home) because you may be doing the poses wrong and seriously do some long term damage. Private courses give you great one on one attention.

    I had no but before and nothing after. Lunges are good, squats are good, but what helped me the most has been weighted hip thrusters!

    That just sounds dangerous!!
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    brookielaw wrote: »
    How about this one? How you would no longer fear telling someone your weight. Doctors, Trainers...even my spouse. ;)

    You're spouse did not know your weight ? :o
    Alol :D
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