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  • TypingToaster
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    rcktgirl05 wrote: »
    I'm finding it a bit more difficult to shave my knees. Used to be easy... stick my leg out and straighten it and I had a flat surface to work with! Now I have an actual kneecap. I think that's only gonna get worse as I get to my goal!

    You could always pluck your knees instead. That way you don't have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself even where it is easy to shave it.
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    ChrisNels1 wrote: »
    ChrisNels1 wrote: »
    Just because the clothes now fit doesn't mean they all look good on you. Style counts not just covering the body.

    That's applicable to ANY size!! ;)

    Right, but I was just happy to have something that fit and now I care about how it looks.

    I totally understand this!
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