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  • Hi, I've been trying really hard to find nutritious meals that are tasty and easy to cook after work and for work lunches so feel free to have a look! (Except yesterday which was my cheat meal!!!:)) I'm also really keen to see others' diaries for ideas and inspiration.
  • I'm in!!! Name: Sinéad Age: 31 Height: 5'1" Start weight (1st June): 53kg Goal weight (1st July): 48kg 1st June: 8th June: 15th June: 22nd June: 29th June: 1st July: Weight lost/gained this week: Weight lost/gained this month: Successes/struggles this week: I will have a few as I am having a dinner party tomorrow and…
  • September, so I have time!
  • It's a very tight-fitting dress!!
  • Re the dress, it's my wedding dress. It fit me when I ordered it 9 months ago but I've put on 1.5 inches round my bum and hips since (and nowhere else!). I don't think my programme has a name, I go to the gym 4 times a week mixing cardio (classes, treadmill, crosstrainer) with resistance machines.
  • Ah I always heard/read that you can't spot reduce so I'm working on a full body programme. I'd actually prefer *not* to lose weight elsewhere so I'm wary of losing too much when all I want to do is slim my hips (to fit in a dress!). Thanks!
  • My fitbit arrives this week! How nerdy is it that this totally excites me?!
  • Hello, I would be interested in someone to help keep me on track and hold me accountable if I reach for the biscuit tin :) and of course I will do the same! add me as a friend!
  • I'm at 1200 and it's tough. I am hungry a lot and i actually struggle to fit 3 meals plus snacks in that come in under 1200 calories but I've only been at it a week so it will get easier especially as I get used to the cooking and the meals. I've just cut out all junk (crisps, biscuits, cake in work when there's a…
  • My best friend struggles with the same problem. She's been bipolar for about 15 years and really saw the weight gain in her mid-twenties. She took up regular swimming to keep her weight steady, and while she's still not as slim as she was she can at least control it. Good thing is now she's been steady on her meds for a…
  • Salut annick, je parle français si tu veux m'ajouter. Il me faut le maximum de motivation, même si c'est en français!
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Thanks Talirae, not until September 2015 but my dress is due to arrive soon and I'd like to be able to get into it :) how about you? Thanks Hearts :)
  • Same here, trying to get out of the winter rut of vegging in front of the telly! Dog walking is a good idea, I don't have a dog but may check out borrow my doggy :smile: Good luck!
  • I thought so too... it was a personal trainer who gave me that figure, it gave me quite a shock! I will look at it again thanks.