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  • I'm a vegetarian eating a whole foods plant based diet. Feel free to send me a friend request. No, it's not hard to get enough protein at all.
  • I'm not new here and have already lost my weight, but I can always use support to *keep* it off. Sending you a friend request.
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  • I hope you find MFP helpful!
  • Sent a request--I love friends who chat, exchange ideas, and support each other!
  • If you choose USDA entries and check first to make sure they include all the possible nutrients, you can get a pretty good idea what your intakes is. Just search "USDA ____" whenever you can.
  • I don't know about hormone imbalances, etc, but I had an ED when I was in my late teens/early 20's and am now in my 60's. When I first gained weight about 7-8 years ago, I started right in here at 1200 calories a day, and my tendency to binge every a week or two resurfaced. I lost weight and mostly maintained, but I…
  • Looks pretty good, honestly! I'd add large servings of dark, leafy greens and more veggies in general, maybe some berries like blueberries, grapes, raspberries, and legumes--canned beans or dried lentils or frozen peas, whatever. You can change your settings around to log for different nutrients to see if you're getting…
  • That's where I started too. I lost the weight quickly but still struggled with evening eating. But a little over a year ago I decided to stop all between-meal eating to train my brain to just not consider food except at meal times. And it worked--It carried right over into evening eating. Of course, that means I have to…
  • I don't use Fitbit, so no idea, but I'll send you a friend request!
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  • 30LB loss for 7 years if you don't count small ups and downs in maintenance. Lost it in my 50's, and my main exercise is walking. It's not that unusual here.
  • I'm whole foods plant based, usually vegan. Always happy to talk recipes!
  • For me, planning balanced meals ahead and not snacking between meals--When I was free to eat at any time, I was constantly thinking about what I could eat next and spending way too much time thinking about food. I'd use up my calories during the day, get too little dinner, and then binge at night. This works way better for…
  • Yep, terrible and confusing, and I notice far, far fewer new people are posting in the intros/getting started sections.
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  • I'm a vegetarian, and I do eat a lot of carbs, but only whole grain ones. There is a difference between the nutritional quality of white rice, white bread etc and whole grain (brown) rice, whole wheat bread, for example. Switching over to more whole grains would probably be a great way to start. You could also still…
  • When I was a thinner vegan I ate fewer calories overall and was more active. When I was a fatter vegan I added more olive oil and sweets, probably too much bread. I've found better balance by logging on MFP, eating less fat, limiting whole grains to reasonable amounts, eating legumes to bump up my protein, making sure to…
  • I've been plant-based for more than 30 years. During that time I've been both normal weight and overweight. I don't eat bananas most days, tbh. What do you want to substitute them in? Also, honestly we don't eat out much, for various reasons, so if you plan to eat out a lot I'd read menus online and choose your favorite…
  • This past couple of months I've been obsessed with about 100 g chopped baby kale mixed with 100 g microwaved, chopped sweet potato, 1/3 pkg of microwaved, chopped tempeh, mixed well with a few tablespoons of a slightly adjusted version of that viral Green Goddess Salad Dressing ( I make it with1/2 c. basil leaves, 1/2 c.…
  • I came here at the same age for the same reason. In the end, eating less and exercising more is what made the difference. It really was no harder losing weight in my 50's than it was when I was in my teens, once I started logging. I'm in my 60's now and still keeping it off.
  • It's possible you just got a virus of some kind.
  • I can't find your profile. Did you leave already or is MFP playing tricks on me?
  • I use chickpea flour in a whole wheat flour/oat flour bannock I make, and the protein comes out pretty high. Other high protein foods I eat regularly are soy milk, tempeh (I like it chopped into a chopped kale and sweet potato salad, tofu (I love it in soups with leafy greens and green onions), beans in just about…
  • My favorite way to eat Brussels sprouts (frozen) is halved and roasted on parchment with diced Pink Lady apples and diced Delicata squash. I don't even use oil or salt--It's great just as it is.
  • Me! Sending you a friend request.
  • You can make a lot of progress by next May!
  • Welcome!
  • Wow, I'm 60, WFPB (usually!), lost 28 lbs, maintaining but also maybe looking to lose a few more. We sound almost like twins, lol. Sending you a request.
  • Welcome! Dogs can be great exercise partners!
  • Welcome! I've learned a lot on here, just by logging for different nutrients. It helps to read a lot of nutrition articles, too--Just google whatever questions you have. If you don't try to eat too low- calorie, and you aim for a nutritious diet, this is all way more sustainable.