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  • i have the exact same thing a muller light a day and a few fruits and it's so far over
  • No not any medical reasons I've just found its the best way my body reacts to losing the weight... I looked at nuts but the fat content for the amount i would eat is far too high!
  • Yea weigh everything in the week and what I'm eating fills me up i play a lot of sport so when I burn calories i obviously put them back in my body as well in a Saturday or Sunday I would say I'm on a 2000 to 2500 calories roughly
  • 70 kg is just where I feel comfortable and when I checked that was just about under the overweight mark for height and age... I'm 27 and 5 ft 6 at my current Weight im deemed as overweight which I think is crazy.. and u don't see why it would be out as im not eating lots of calories im still eating nutrients and a healthy…
  • Well when I started i was 96 kg i got to 66 kg in around 4 months and have now gone up to 82 kg after holiday but I'm now back to 75 kg in a month of dieting.. I weigh everything and am logging mad... at the weekends I don't take it as serious and eat out have takeaway and a roast dinner etc it's more Mon - Fri it am…
  • To be honest most days I'm barely hitting a 1000 because a lot of my diet is chicken veg and fruit low on sugars as snacks.. e.g raspberry plums... but when I have food on my plate it is still a big portion on the plate just not high on calories..
  • Tbh I know it's low but i put in details on MFP and that's what it told me I'm 5 ft 6.. tbh I ate loads of junk before dieting and 1200 a day is what it says to lose 1 kg a week.. if that's the case with sugar being irrelevant or that's added sugar why does it not show an added separate sugar in grams on the nutrients part…