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  • I want to run a few 5k and 10k races and perhaps a half marathon, but I’m not sure about that yet!! I also want to practise push ups. I did a couple of “invincibl” 10k obstacle courses this year and found them extremely boring because doing them with a group, you were only as fast as the slowest runner, and the second one…
  • There are lots of positives to take from your situation! Firstly you lost 5 stone which is an amazing achievement! So whatever you did, you know you can do it again! Secondly, although I understand that you're not thrilled about putting on two, take the positive in the fact that you're doing something about it before you…
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  • Thanks for your replies. I re read my post and didn't make it clear that I'm way below my calorie goal not above. But you've given me some great ideas. Thank you
  • Thank you so much everyone. Plenty of ideas for me to look at over the weekend.
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  • I just posted a similar question. Should have read this first!
  • I think if you tap on someone's name, then do so again in the next screen, you get a symbol of a person with a + sign. I'm sure there's an easier way, but I don't know it! I'll try and add you to see if it works x
  • Hi I'd love to join if you don't mind! I'm from a small village in South Wales and have 2 children, the youngest just 3 months old today. I'm currently 160lbs and have no set goal as such, just to lose my baby belly, tone up and get fit again. But since you all want to get to 130lbs I'll aim for that too! I want to run the…
  • I'd love to join. Can you add me please