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  • Nothing worked for me this weekend. I was emotionally distraught; therefore I feel like I binged. So I actually quit tracking what I ate. I got on the scale and since I only lost 6lbs. I got very upset with myself. I have decided to get more exercise in my day and hopefully that will help in the long run. Once my head was…
  • Week 3 sucks! I'm tired and I'm hungry. I need some chocolate.
  • I used another plan similar to MFP before and the lighter the weight the less caloric intake. It really didn't make sense to me. Per another website, To lose 1 lb. of fat each week, you must cut 500 calories each day through diet or exercise. A woman who usually consumes 2,300 calories per day and adds 100 calories worth…
  • Me, too! I lost my accountability partner and I'm on my own.
  • I love my diet coke with some powder donuts. But, I must admit, I have given up both of them. And I'm not a pleasant person to be around. :#
  • I would love to have someone who I can discuss my goals, progress, lack thereof, etc. with. I joined a gym several months ago and my accountability partner decided it wasn't really for her. So, I'm on my own. I have started and stopped. Started and stopped. Not much support at home as well.
  • I not only have a desk job but I work from home!!! Which totally throws me off! I am a few steps away from the kitchen and I just don't have a lot of will power. Today has been a good day. I am in the same 50lb weight loss ideal. Good Luck! I'm not sure how to add but look forward to seeing your progress.
  • I'm not sure how to add a friend but would be happy to help you with accountability. My friends ditched me and I am alone on this "trip". I live in a world of skinny people and it's just....sad.