Post here if you want more friends!



  • CherryChan81
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  • rickeyp3
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    Add me B)
  • emptyoffice
    emptyoffice Posts: 1 Member
    I've just joined and would love have some friends :smiley:
  • blooorigard
    blooorigard Posts: 2 Member
    Add me^^
  • ShellH1987
    ShellH1987 Posts: 7 Member
    Feel free to add me, new to this so the more support and motivation the better :)
  • fayeevans66
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  • michaeljscully
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    Could always use more friends to stay motivated!
  • jtwakes
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    Love new friends, feel free to message:)
  • briannan23
    briannan23 Posts: 1 Member
    I would love some new friends as well - especially for motivation. Also would love some others who have over 100 pounds to lose & are committed to working on that goal. :smiley:
  • thouser4241
    thouser4241 Posts: 9 Member
    Me, too! I lost my accountability partner and I'm on my own.
  • Kassi_Lynn
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    Badass go-getters welcome to add me
  • NerdLifeStace
    NerdLifeStace Posts: 11 Member
    In need of some butt kickers for motivation and to help keep me on track !!! (I'm horrible at tracking my food) Together let's groove to accomplish our goals and kick this journey off right!!!
  • nona_maluku
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    Feel free to add me!! Always love new friends!! For support and motivation but also people who don't mind a joke every once in a while :wink:
  • pearlygirl83
    pearlygirl83 Posts: 5 Member
    Would love some motivation buddies!!!!

    I'm down 18 pounds, and I want to lose 25 more!

    I'm a full time working single mom so trying to stay on track is tough at best.

  • wannabefitmum2014
    wannabefitmum2014 Posts: 1 Member
    Please add me :) need all the motivation and friends I can get!! Mum of two trying to lose weight and get fit!!
  • Jade1217
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    Pretty new, feel free to add me :)
  • birddog82
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    I am always looking for support as well as giving it weight loss can be hard and frustrating add me if you want to

  • gpaine93
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    I don't have too much weight left to lose. I'm mostly focused on getting in better shape.

    The more friends the better. Add me if you'd like.
  • chrisandrews763
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    Yellow!!! Hey y'all
  • YPSoo
    YPSoo Posts: 6 Member
    Would love some motivation partner.

    I am now at 98kg and like to loss 18kg by end of the year. Please feel free to add me.