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  • Being poor was the best weight loss program I've ever started... I started walking/biking everywhere since my car broke down and I can't afford to have it fixed. we don't have the money to go out to eat. making meals stretch into leftovers and actually looking at serving sizes...it's wonderful!
  • up to 13.78 so far!! genuinely shocked at how much I'm capable of. 50 will be here sooner than I expected!
  • I'm brand new to riding (literally started yesterday) but I'm riding to the bus station for work a few days a week. To challenge myself to more than the minimum but still not overwork myself, I want to do at least 50 miles this month! Yesterday's 4 mile ride and today's 4 mile ride puts me at 8 total so far! going to be…
  • Hey everyone! I am a non binary person who is currently not sure of their gender? realistically if the bottom surgeries were better I'd be more confident latching on to the FTM label...either way! hi!
  • I'm actually desperately trying to lose weight in the boob area. much cheaper than a full removal. hopefully they'll get smaller and i'll be less annoyed with them.
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  • I work out with my sister and we make everything a competition. so my thoughts are generally "I hate you" or "I can do better than her" hahaha
  • I generally take what MFP or exercise machines tell me I burned and enter in half. then if I'm hungry after my workout, I'll eat back another half of what I entered. so at most I'll eat back a quarter of what MFP says I burned.
  • I had tempeh tacos in Morro Bay a few weeks ago and fell in love. cilantro dressing, tempeh, and mounds of spinach and carrots. my mouth is watering just thinking about them.
  • I just started eating better and working out, I'm worried about my Hashi's hindering my progress.
  • My sister dated a guy who had so many complications from the surgery that he's had 2 more to fix them since. The kid has a terrible quality of life. Obviously that's not every case, but I guess it's up to you to decide if the risk is worth it in your personal situation.
  • I have a rough time finding the energy needed to have a good workout, C4 preworkout is wonderful on the really hard days! Protein shakes are my "on the go" breakfast on school days.
  • I'm looking to lose around 85 pounds! I haven't weighed myself since I started about two weeks ago so I'm not sure where I'm at! Anyone can feel free to add/message me!
  • I love the cellucor C4. It gets the itch going that's pretty weird the first time but I've found it actually helps motivate me now! I'm a full time college student, not matter what time I get up to work out it's going to take an extra kick to keep me there longer than a half hour. I genuinely love my pre-workout.
  • I generally have a protein shake for breakfast. Otherwise I don't have breakfast at all. I've found that I stay pretty full until lunch, and my body is used to not having solid food in the morning so the cravings don't kick in until lunch. Depends on how your body functions I guess!
  • My mom got isagenix (about $80 a month) and had an allergic reaction so I get to try it now, I'm really not enjoying the flavor. I've got some EAS protein from Walmart that was a lot cheaper (about $17 for 30 servings) and I like the flavor a lot more.