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  • Passing my CPR test. Not that it was difficult but it was still a good feeling.
  • In no way this is professional advice but I've been told at the gym I go to that using the heavy boat ropes helps. I'm not sure that's what they are really called but.. For instance you hold onto the ends of the ropes and put your arms out in front of you and bring your arms up and down to make the ropes wiggle like a…
  • Google the stretches for plantar fascia. They are the same that my podiatrist told me to do. Then I went to a site store that evals how you walk. I am in a Brooks sneaker and can tell you my passion is finally relief. Not totally gone but getting there. I've had severe plantar fascia for over a year and half. Best of luck.
  • My opinion. I drink 1 diet Pepsi a day. I have fibromyalgia. I quit drinking the diet soda because I read that it could cause symptoms of fibro, lupus, and other similar conditions. I quit drinking diet soda for quite some time. Symptoms never went away. I started drinking my 1 a day again. Yes they say it can cause cancer…
  • If you started about 2 weeks ago and lost 19 lbs your doing great and have nothing to be discouraged about.
  • Your welcome to add me. I'm 42. I have 3 kids 23,22,&17 plus a grandson that's 2 that I watch everyday. We're here for the same goal and that is to lose weight. Best of luck.
  • Talk about lack of energy. I never make New Year's resolutions because I never wanted to break them. This year I did although I waited till Feb to start. I joined the gym and started on the elliptical. 10 mind in I thought I was going to die. I was exhausted. I stopped. The next time 15 mins. I'm now up to a hour. I've…
  • You can do this. When I started back in Feb. I didn't think I would be able to stick with it this long. I still have a sweet snack daily but I make sure it's still within my calorie limit. I rode a bike for 2 hours this week something I haven't done since I was a teenager. It felt great. Don't give up you can do it.
  • I'm currently on a 2 week vacation. We are on the go daily. I eat cereal in the morning and take plenty of water when we leave our resort. Then we hike, bike ride, sight see throughout the day. I usually eat a late lunch always a salad with a entree. Fill up on salad then add protein. Later at night I'll have a snack of…
  • Hate that also. If you can't lift that much and put it down with ease don't lift.
  • It's funny because when you read the literature or Google it the med has side effects of weight gain. Of course there are no calories in the medication it's self. When I was on birth control I gained a lot of weight, my lifestyle did not change. I was a active young adult at the time. After stopping the birth control the…
  • Almost all forms of birth control has the side effect of weight gain. Any Dr. that tries to tell you otherwise is full of it.
  • I've often had the same question. I put my weight in on the elliptical and it monitors my pulse and at the end of 60 minutes the machine shows I've burned like 630 calories. When I put it into MFP it shows like 1100+ calories burned. That's a big difference. So what do you think is more accurate? I don't eat my calories…
  • Yes. The first time I was upset. Now I don't with myself around that time. It gets to discouraging.
  • False I've swam in the ocean and touched Manta Rays.
  • Thank you. That is my grandson. Yes I did say grandson. It's funny because whenever we are out peep people refer to him as my son. Thanks for the encouragement.
  • A cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I haven't had coffee in a while. I have it up for weight loss. I think it was more cream and sugar than coffee.
  • Congratulations. Your right about not wanting to go to the Dr. When your over weight. I don't go even when I'm sick unless it's something I feel is serious. If I do go I ask them why I have to step on the scale. I'm not there to be weighed. My last Dr. Was OK with that, my new one not so much. I made my decision on News…
  • It looks like it is working for you. Keep up the good work. My son works in the oilfield and lost 20 until there was on site catering then he gained 10 back. I need to get him to use MFP. He is also trying to lose about 40 pounds.
  • Feel free to add me. Been active for a little over a month with a lot of weight to go, so I plan on being here for a while.
  • Love Hawaii, my husband would move there if I would but unless my kids follow I'm staying here in Pennsylvania
  • You can add me. Been using the app about a month.
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  • Following. Would like to know also.
  • When I'm at the gym and on the elliptical I burn about 300-310 for 30 mins peer the machine. I put my wright in on the machine. When I get done and log it on MFP pours it in anywhere from 530-560. I always adjust it to what the machine does I've done. Kudos to you if you are burning that many calories. Just be sure to eat…
  • Best thing you can do is get it looked at again. Maybe a second opinion. I have pain in my left hip and heel spurs and walking any distance hurts like crazy. I've found using the elliptical is easier on my joints( knees, hips, ect.)
  • Your absolutely right no fresh fruit leaving Hawaii is acceptable. I go every year. Some how pineapple is excluded. I've never heard of packaged foods not being allowed. Maybe I've just been lucky.
  • I need to lose over 100 pounds to. I've lost 15 as of today. My goal is 100 but in all honesty I could lose 125 and look and feel much better. Feel free to add me.