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  • Thanks!!!! this is such a great idea...i've been looking online at pinterest and i also found a bariatric recipe book that i was able to print out but it's sooo hard finding things
  • ok so saturday i had a notification from facebook that i had a memory to view and as i looked at the photo it was from 3 yrs ago i was most likely 240 pounds...but i also realized i was wearing the same shirt as i was from 3yrs of course i took a selfie ...had RNY on 12-30-15
  • the raspberry is good although sometimes i feel like it leaves a chalky taste in my mouth...however the crystal light sweet tea is to die for that flavor is my new best friend
  • great advice i too have been stuck at not losing weight and can get frustrated but i know it's a journey...i think the hardest thing for me is getting in my protein and my veggies..i eat a salad almost every day which i found odd thinking i wouldnt be able to because it's roughage but i have no problem. and i think…
  • ok i just became an ice coffee addict ...this is what i do...i brew a whole pot of coffee and i let it sit out to cool. usually when i get up for work that night i make my ice coffee drink. and i leave the remaining coffee in the pot and it last for 3-4 days. i take a tumbler cup add ice add about 2 ounces of the SF…
  • the end of may will be 5 months for me and i feel like right now i'm at a stand point at losing weight. the scale keeps going up and down by one so my goals are 1. continue to stay motivated on the exercise plan i created and add more to it 2. eat more protein (i'm barely getting in the 65 they want me at) 3.…
  • i really didn't blend anything for the pureed stage...i continued eating cream of wheat/malt o meal, and thick soups and strained the meat out of them...tuna i didn't puree that i just chewed a lot which i had no problems with. i did try ricotta cheese with apple sauce and a dash of cinnamon and that was good...
  • i cheated but it was a thick preop wasn't that hard i was able to have 4 ounces of lean chicken, turkey or ham...i think cuz i was on a diabetic preop diet. i could have unlimited broth and jello and vegetables but glad you havent cheated they're right you've come this far keep it up...i know after surgery was…
  • congrats on your surgery...i had the same feeling when i first came out of ryn i was soooo nausea, i never been that sick after surgery and i was soo dehydrated too but couldnt drink for 10 hours. good luck on your journey
  • you can do this...just think you will be happier and feel pre op diet was hard too...i was on a diabetic pre op and i was allowed 4 ounces of chicken/turkey/ham for lunch and dinner and then unlimited sf pudding, jello, popsicles, broth, pickles, cauliflower and some other things but it was hard cuz i was…
  • I like yogurt and usually put it in with my premier protein drink when making shake/smoothie. I havent tried the quest brand though. I do like and can tolerate sf pudding. I dont get cravings that much either but now and again i do Thanks
  • I had rny and ya im still learning to listen to my body cuz sometimes i dont feel the "full feeling" so i have to hear my tummy gurggeling
  • hey everyone just joined this group and had RYN on 12-30-15 Goals: 1. increase my protein intake 2. increase water intake 3. increase physical activity. 4. get a support system 5. find good healthy snacks
  • hey guys this is jennifer socalgardengal's friend...sorry working 3rd shift and i dont get much sleep the most i do on this site is log my food..please feel free to add me. like socal said i am at times having trouble keeping things day i can eat it the next i's still a learning process for me
  • Hello my name is Jennifer and I had RNY surgery December 30th 2015. I did it for health reason i was type 2 diabetic, i had high blood pressure, hypothyroid and a few other things. now i am not type 2 diabetic and i am down 44 pounds. I am looking for friends and support because sometimes it's hard and i have no one to…
  • Hey everyone I just had the Roux-en-y surgery december 30, 2016. i'm looking for others who've had wls for support and to talk to as i have no one really to talk to when having issues. so please add me
  • Hello my name is Jennifer and I live in Topeka Ks, but origianlly from California. I just had the Roux-en-Y surgery December 30th 2015. I am back on normal foods and i'm still having issues adjusting. and all my family lives in Cali so i have no support systems or anyone to talk to who know's what i'm going through. i…
  • had to look Ossie Davis up didn't know the name but I know his who was in Stephen King's The Stand with Gary Sinese
  • well I'm at work right now but I watched Pretty Little Liars before I came that's the one show that's kinda high schoolish that I am soo into right now I missed first season of Under the Dome I love Stephen King...sorry season 2 sucks
  • who was in Selena with Edward James Olmos
  • who was in silence of the lambs with anthony hopkins
  • who was in men in black with tommy lee jones
  • who was in from dusk til dawn with george clooney
  • who was in the karate kid with ralph machio
  • who was in anaconda with ice cube
  • who was in pulp fiction with ving rames
  • who was in sin city with brittany murphey
  • hey guys i just found this board and i live alone as well and i just wanted to say thanks for all the is hard to cook for just one person...usually i find myself throwing away a lot of left overs...i'm picky on some things being frozen and used for later but i try to do it ...