Anyone with an Open Diary? :)



  • ORgal
    ORgal Posts: 9 Member
    Mine is open too! Would love more friends who log often. :)
  • vanillarose77
    vanillarose77 Posts: 159 Member
    mine is open
  • sweatinfortheweddin
    sweatinfortheweddin Posts: 19 Member
    Mine is open, although it's not always the most healthy! Anyone can feel free to add me to check it out!
  • Elisabuffy19
    Elisabuffy19 Posts: 130 Member
    Mine is open. 1400 cals but I am breastfeeding so always shoot for around 1800-1900.
  • LoreA1960
    LoreA1960 Posts: 105 Member
    Mine is open. Feel free to look
  • azucker88
    azucker88 Posts: 108 Member
    Me :)
  • Fitnessflexibility
    Fitnessflexibility Posts: 795 Member
    Mine is, add me
  • kaniob
    kaniob Posts: 364 Member
    My diary is open to friends... feel free to add me!
  • Maquillage_
    Maquillage_ Posts: 200 Member
    Mine is open :) Been taking a break from mfp for a while so there isn't many past entries in the last month or so, but I'm back to logging daily from today so feel free to add me :)
  • MamaBirdBoss
    MamaBirdBoss Posts: 1,516 Member
    Mine's always open. :) There's nothing particularly exciting about it, though!
  • gemdiver
    gemdiver Posts: 25 Member
    Mine is open. Anyone can add me!
  • vickihuk
    vickihuk Posts: 29 Member
    Mine is open - 1400 cals 50/30/20 for fat loss and building lean muscle. No processed food. You're welcome to view!
  • arathena720
    arathena720 Posts: 449 Member
    Mine's open, I shoot for 1200 calories and eat pretty healthy most of the time.
  • lil_lizt
    lil_lizt Posts: 275 Member
    Mine is open to friends, welcome to add me
  • RickMcShane
    RickMcShane Posts: 16 Member
    Open. Weight Watchers Jalapeño Cheese Sticks and 100 Calorie Popcorn are my favs right now.
  • pcrucifer
    pcrucifer Posts: 71 Member
    Anyone can add me. I have an open diary. However, I am a 6' male runner, so some people find my calorie limits depressing.
  • brandyosu
    brandyosu Posts: 256 Member
    Mine is open but there isn't much of interest there, I suspect. I don't usually log my cheat days - those would be VERY fun. LOL My treats tend to be small things, like a square of Ghirardelli chocolate with caramel. Or an Izze drink. I eat a lot of nuts and beef jerky as snacks, too. My dinners are usually pretty tasty, though. Tonight's is balsamic pork tenderloin and broccoli au gratin.
  • cucamelon
    cucamelon Posts: 1 Member
    Open diary to friends. Anyone feel free to add me :)
  • carolynnawilliams
    carolynnawilliams Posts: 6 Member
    I'm open :)
  • Jill814
    Jill814 Posts: 30 Member
    mine is open, looking for new buddies as well to get ideas and support from. feel free to add me :)