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  • It was always hard for me with kids because I would want to eat the same things I fed them. 😜Their metabolism was much higher!
  • @I2k4 thank you!!
  • Thanks so my much for the great info everyone!!
  • I’m a mess with my macros. 😜 I’m trying not to let perfection be the enemy of good though. Hoping it will start to click as I go along. As I’m tracking, I’m starting to notice things about macros that I wasn’t before so I guess that’s moving in the right direction.
  • Sorry if this is a silly question but what are the details on your priming vs complete workout? Duration/resistance etc? I love the rower and will likely be buying one at some point. Just trying to get a feel for what a “complete workout” looks like if that makes sense. Thx!
  • I’m doing IF as well. Not extreme - 8 hr window. Not sure that I could go below that successfully. With my activity level up, my calorie allotment is higher than I’m used to and, with IF, I sometimes find it hard to actually meet the goal (ridiculous problem I never anticipated or experienced) if I’m eating the right…
  • This cracked me up! Sorry about your muscle!
  • I feel your pain…pun intended!! You are an organized inspiration! I wish I was there. I’m still at the “what time will I get my workout in today?” stage. I’ve yet to get a good routine going. You’re doing a great job and you should be super proud!
  • Out of curiosity, for you walkers, what’s your time? Right now I’m only at 15-16 min mile with quite a lot of incline (outdoors). Heart rate is up so that’s a good thing. Would like to improve but running would surely make me pass out. :)
  • Hi all - I’ve been using MFP off and on for years but just starting to check out the community! I’m 50 and trying to concentrate on strength and longevity as opposed to focusing only on the scale. My overall goals are daily resistance training and cardio and a weight loss goal of about 10 lbs (to start). Just not sure what…
  • Hi all! I’ve been using MFP off and on for years but I’m new to the community. I need friends and teammates to help keep me accountable! About me - I’m 50 and have recently made the attitude switch that this journey is less about losing weight (although that’s def a plus) more an attempt to make my body strong and gain…