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  • I actually gained a pound this week, but considering the stress I'm recovering from, I'm not going to gripe. Seriously. I also didn't meet my goal, but I think I was a little over-ambitious in setting it, so I'm not really unhappy at all.
  • I lost six pounds >.> I don't know what on earth I'm doing other than being under a ton of stress, but I've now hit 104 pounds down total since I started losing!
  • Thankee much!
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  • Current weight: 410 Overall goal: 350 [to start with!] August goal: 400 Goal: Get set up at the YMCA and start swimming again!
  • Hi, I'm glor. I'm 30, from Olympia, WA. Currently making a lot of changes in my life in regards to eating healthier and trying to shed some pounds. I eat a little differently than most, eating Paleo most of the time [tho I fell off the wagon after I got sick back at the end of June], so a lot of traditional recipes won't…
  • New, would love some new friends as accountability and motivation!