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  • Thanks for this tread. I'm 32 no kids but keep very busy. I did my first 10 pretty easily, the last 10 is proving much harder. It seems like it's requiring much more emotional energy than on the beginning, bigger life changes (saying no to those 2-3 glasses of wine a week, in general saying no more and trying to put it in…
  • I choose not to get hung up on yesterday, but to understand what happened and make different choices today.
  • I feel the same way. I was stuck at the same place on the scale after 4 weeks of trying really hard and got fed up and had a binge week/weekend. Now I'm struggling to get motivated again. I feel like I may need to hire someone to help me. Only 8-10 lbs to my goal, even more frustrating to be so close. but man is it hard to…
  • Mine is the weekends. It's really hard for me to stay motivated to track when I'm running around with friends, or eating at other ppls houses and restaurants. I try to follow my fit friends, watch how little (or no) chips or dessert they eat and use that as motivation... There's not a lot of mystery when I really look, But…
  • Which goals aren't you meeting? A big help for me with going to bed early was some discipline and planning earlier in the evening... I work out early morn, so I'm in bed by 10pm, which means I start 'getting ready' by 9:30 and plan the night accordingly. At 930 I turn off TV or put the book down, brush teeth, wash face…
  • My goals for today are to work on two small but significant habits I'm trying to instil: 1) Drink 2 cups of water before every meal and snack, 2) Do not snack while cooking or preparing food. If it goes in the pie hole, it gets measured.
  • https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/post/quote/10390134/Comment_36458841 For me being fat is a different kind of hard, it was psychologically and emotionally hard. It made me sad, frustrated, isolated, insecure, not to mention the health risks. Healthy dieting and exercise is also hard, with discipline, mindfulness and…
  • Same here! It feels so good to get stronger and be able to push harder and keep up with fit people! Bummer is how quickly it goes away if you stop for even a week. Onward soldiers!
  • The struggle is real for me at restaurants. Due to my schedule and that its just my husband and I (plus no dishwasher!) we eat out prob 3x week for dinner. I'm getting better at choosing healthier options, avoiding chips, bread and alcohol altogether (unless a special occasion) but I have no idea if my educated guesses on…
  • Hi ladies!! Congrats on the running @fitmom30 ! That's a really big step. Feels so good to make workout progress! Last week I hit a plateau and got really frustrated, but that very day a "how to beat a plateau" blog came out and it was super helpful. I tweaked a few things, and I've had a few small victories this week as a…
  • My fav snacks are: half a 2% plain Greek yogurt w 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter. Sliced and peeled Jicama with fresh lemon juice or 1 tbl hummus. Hard boiled eggs w s&p. Whole fruit. Apple sauce and cottage cheese (sounds weird but it's delicious). Kind Plus bar, lower in sugar and processed stuff, though it's easy for me…
  • @dsanford55 do you have any particular behavior you're trying to work on that either was was really helpful last time, or that you're trying to avoid this time?
  • @fitmom30 nice! I'm from southern Cali but live in Portland now. I'll check out the t25. I actually have a solid group of group fitness classes in the morning I like to go to, but I've been looking for more home workouts to fill in on the sleep in days. Thanks!
  • Hi Ladies!! Your crew here looks fun! Mind if I join in? I've been slowly trying to change my habits since last summer and have lost about 10lbs and trying to do 10 more by this spring. I'm 32, 5'8" and 172lbs, trying to get to and maintain a solid 160. It's so hard to change my habits!!! I think joining in to the MFP…