in a slump...

I hit the one year mark yesterday of trying to live a healthier life. which i seem to be failing at miserably lol. i HAD lost 50 lbs and then for the past two months i have been in such a slump. i am not walking as much (I was walking like 100 miles a month--- may not seem like a lot to some... but im well over 200 lbs so.... i was proud of myself) i don't know what has caused the slump... other than it must be self sabotage. so yesterday i started over... or at least that is what it feels like after my two month "hiatus"... i was hoping to be at my goal weight by my year mark, but i still like 80 lbs now because i have gain back about 14 of the lbs i have lost. i need to start doing some more exercises. something that will help with my tummy area. the walking has been working on my legs really well. but i still have a super thick (fat) stomach... helpful tips and any motivation will be welcomed. thanks.


  • KiwiKim25
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    I hear you! I had lost 40 lbs and gained back over 25. *Sigh* It seems like a lot of back sliding, but we can do this! It is really a good reminder that this is a process, and the steps don't always go directly from A to B. You've got this!!
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    Congrats on the loss and kudos for reaching out for help! It happens to the best of us, sometimes you need a change or a break. Starting over gives you the chance to try something new, maybe try doing some workouts from You Tube or something, take your time and don't be too hard on yourself with the workouts. Over time you might surprise yourself with how much your workouts will improve and that is something to proud of, especially if like me you really, really hate it in the beginning. As for the tummy issue, I personally believe that the muscles have to be engaged and trained so to speak, start by holding in your tummy, it may not seem like it is doing anything at first but in time those muscles will get the message and start working on their own.
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    Change the various exercises and foods you use on this journey often enough to avoid mental boredom.
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    I hear you, because I'm in a motivational slump too.

    But it doesn't sound like you're failing to me! You're still 36 pounds lighter than you were last year. You've had a setback, but you're recognizing it and getting back out there.
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    I feel the same way. I was stuck at the same place on the scale after 4 weeks of trying really hard and got fed up and had a binge week/weekend. Now I'm struggling to get motivated again. I feel like I may need to hire someone to help me. Only 8-10 lbs to my goal, even more frustrating to be so close. but man is it hard to change habits!
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    Hey there! So what you are going through is common. Many people hit a plateau and slowly slid back as they no longer see the gains and weight loss. So I will give you same advice I give everyone.

    One day at a time mate. Dont look at the 80 pounds at the end of the mountain. Look towards the next 5 pounds instead. Also there is no rush. This is a lifestyle change. It takes time and patience.

    So the biggest thing is determining your diet and how much you should be eating. I recommend locating your BMR. Just plug in height, weight and age and you will see what your average BMR is. Its not perfect but its still fairly accurate. I recommend eating 300 calories at least below the number shown. I would not go 500 calories lower. Your workouts will also help you create a deficit of calories.

    The next step is working out. I highly recommend lifting weights. Its far more effective for weight loss as it causes you to burn fat and continue to burn fat up to 36 hours after your workouts. If you do not have a gym and cant afford one I would recommend calisthenics like pushups and situps.

    If you have any questions or just need to talk PM me! Its always easier to do this when you have people in your corner. Good luck!
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    It doesn't sound like you're failing to me! You're still 36 pounds lighter than you were last year.
    I'm in a motivational slump too, I am trying to be positive, but am slowly getting discouraged, one day at a time :smile: