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  • Is slapping me for confusing them for a man... :#
  • About to hurt himself. Then probably be arrested for rushing the stage...
  • Read some of the comments, but the question is kind of open to interpretation. "Best" for what? For weight loss, its diet. Eating less calories than your body burns is the only equation that matters. For overall health, exercise will serve you better long term. I recently heard somewhere that there was a study of key…
  • Oh man... I finished Week 3 but Week 4 is not going well. I've tried W4D1 like 2 or 3 times now. That last 5 minute segment is just too much, I'm sucking wind. Never had a problem with it in prior times I've gone through C25K but I think my recent bout with COVID has knocked me down a peg or two. So you and I have similar…
  • Walked a mile on the treadmill and then some light circuit training (still recovering from The Rona at the first of the year, and threw my back out at the same time, and I haven't really gotten my lungs all the way back yet so taking it eeeeaaaaasy... ;) ).
  • So "almost 2 weeks ago" means less than 2 weeks ago. That's not really enough time to say "Houston we have a problem". If you start going 3-4 weeks, that usually enough data to determine that you are not eating at a deficit and you are in maintenance. Like everyone else is saying, with only 8 lbs to go, its going to be A…
  • This is spot on. If you think about it, 130 is within the "range" of your 128 goal weight, so you could consider yourself in maintenance as we speak! When I got close to my goal weight last time, I sort of slowed down and treated my day as if I was in maintenance for weeks and weeks. So I didn't just stop and add a bunch…
  • Yep, this is how I do it when I'm getting back into it (right now actually). I used to be able to knock out 10-12 pretty reliably, but I've been away for a while and can't do even one right now. So for the past few weeks I'm doing the negative aspect; get into the top of the pullup position (I stand on my bench) and then…
  • I tend to have a lot of 80's rock type of stuff: Van Halen, Survivor (Eye of the Tiger, baby!), Scorpions, Journey, Guns N Roses... stuff like that. I don't really listen to that kind of music except when I'm working out, TBH. For some reason it gets me going...!
  • Absolutely! This is how I used to "maintain" my weight: I'd be good 6 days a week, eat at a deficit, then... WOO HOO! Party at the pub! Drinks, burgers, appetizers... more drinks ;). One night out would set me back the whole week. Then rinse, wash, repeat. It worked for me for a long time, but yes not even one day off, but…
  • You could try eating later in the day so you don't get too hungry before bed, or just save some room for a snack. A clementine orange is like 40 calories. A piece of lite bread is like 35 calories (toast anyone?). I like to go for a walk when I get hungry during the day and its not time to eat yet, but that won't work well…
  • Holy smokes! You look AMAZING! Congrats on the transformation! You should be very proud of your accomplishment!
  • Try Fitness Blender videos on YouTube. Tons of free videos for all levels. some of the HIIT videos will get your heat rate up and your breathing too!
  • I'm getting back into the running thing myself. Took time away (work was crazy and got sidetracked), then got The Rona, so that sidelined me big time. Started C25K last week, so I'm hoping to get back into form again. Feel free to add me, I'll be running 3X a week!
  • Sugar free instant oatmeal w/fresh blueberries Coffee
  • Congrats on the pending nuptials! Best wishes to you both going forward! As far as advice, given your history with previous ED, I'm not sure many of us here on the interwebs would be qualified to give you meaningful advice. My first reaction, and its what most people on here recommend to anyone who's trying to lose weight…
  • Mine came with a metal clip that goes into the top of the doorframe and then you put the part of the pullup bar that goes over the frame into the clip, so to speak. I've used it for years and its never moved (I don't get too gnarly on mine though, I keep under control when I'm doing my reps). Sorry it didn't work out for…
  • Threw my back out about 10 days ago, so not much I can do comfortably, but walked for 1 1/4 miles and did about 15 mins of yoga to help stretch/loosen my back up.
  • You can either un-sync whatever tracker is adding to MFP or when the exercise calories burned entry is made just delete it manually.
  • Does your gym offer a "welcome session" with a trainer to help get you started? A lot of gyms, especially when you first join, will give you a tour and even show you how to use all the machines. Some will even help you create a routine based upon your goals and what type of equipment you prefer. Might be worth looking into…
  • First of all, congrats on getting started and losing 1lb! The first step is always the hardest step! Second, weight fluctuations are totally normal. Like @yirara said, its highly unlikely you lost 4lbs of fat in one week. That'd mean you had to eat at a 14,000 calorie deficit for the week. It was probably an initial water…
  • I have a removeable "over the door" pullup bar. It hooks up over the top of the door. No need to screw anything into the frame, and when you're done you just remove it. Had one for years and its been very reliable, sturdy and safe. Here's an example:…
  • Just throw some protein bars in a drawer! I also keep nuts, fruit (bananas, oranges, etc) in there, too.
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  • Wow! Absolutely AMAZING! What a transformation! You should be very proud of yourself and your hard work! Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!
  • I'm not sure how long ago you got back into the working out phase, but when you first start up a program there is usually an initial water weight increase as your muscles hold onto extra water for repair and whatnot. Could be that is why you are seeing some "tightness" in those areas?
  • Echoing a lot of the comments above. I've done the program like 3 or more times now and here's what I've gleaned: * Go slow. It's about completing the segments NOT how fast you complete them. No prizes for speed. * Give yourself permission to fail. You will probably need to repeat days if not whole weeks. It's ok. That's…
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  • GETTING married is easy. STAYING married is hard. It's like anything else, you have to work at it. Every day. But its probably the best thing I've ever done in my life. Just don't tell her I said that... ;)