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  • Ugh. It’s hot! I’m make banana bread today. But I am going to make it into muffins and cook it outside in the toaster oven. Times like this I wish I had learned how to make a solar oven. We took a hot plate and the George Forman grill outside to cook. I have a feeling the fire season is going to be bad this year. We bought…
  • [/quote] Katla, Barbie, Rebecca, and others in the PNW- I am just stunned by the heat that you are getting in your area! Do you ever remember having such a stretch of hot weather? My cousin lives near Washougal and says the heat has been crazy! Hang in there and keep cool! [/quote] No! This is the first stretch of temps…
  • [/quote] Nice! My husband has a wall full of "single player" board games. He's got a table where he sets up the games, and he figures things out and moves about the board. Its his happy place, rolling the dice many sided dice. Many years ago, when the boys were younger, he had the boys playing a sort of D & D game, but…
  • @peach1948 Hi Carol, it’s Numerica to honor my accounting. Sometimes it’s numericmama for accounting and motherhood. Since my kids are getting older I’m moving off of parenting being all encompassing and am centering back into my own identity again. But Jennifer works as well. I wonder if there is a way to preset my…
  • I heard a bunch of happy sounds when I drove by the Angry Beaver bar tonight.
  • That sounds like a good plan.
  • @Whidislander wow! One of my sons was pretty creative with his legos, then he got really into D&D and I guess that filled that space for him. The other isn’t very creative that way. They both did LEGO robotics though. That was super fun.
  • @cityjaneLondon cheese is a major weakness for me too. Good job controlling you drinking. I know it can be hard! @Anniesquats100 did you decide not to go and are helping out or are you planning on attending? @Vickil57 ugh, I’m sorry your friend has a thief for a daughter. Sometimes I feel like letting parts of my family…
  • @yfznat welcome
  • Today I was working on payroll and they bought us lunch at work, so I stayed late and had a delicious lunch. It was from Halal Guys and they have a nutritional menu on their website, which made tracking easy. If I gain weight, it’s from the salt content. It was like a deconstructed chicken gyro. So pretty healthy overall…
  • @Whidislander that is so cool! Is this a young person or your husband?
  • @TheMrsHMorgan welcome! @LisaInArkansas I’m glad you were able to get together with some women. That’s something my little group has missed as well. One kid left to finish his psycho and then everyone is fully Vaxxed in our group. We are all looking forward to getting back to normal. @dlfk202000 I am totally jealous of…
  • It was fun reading what is going on for other people this weekend. I work in an independent (private) school and this morning we were told that if we were vaccinated we could take off our masks! Yay! We keep the window open for increased air flow, so that means we don’t get the benefits of air conditioning. This would have…
  • @Katla49 I am in the north Seattle area. So urbanish? Not suburbs, but not like living downtown. We found a weird property that’s just shy of a half acre. I am NT long forward to the fire season. We are looking into a couple air purifiers this afternoon. I’d like to put them in the bedrooms. My Rhodi and Azalea needs…
  • Me too!
  • I could use the support and motivation as well.
  • Hi, I’m looking to join in. I’m 50 and have around 65 or 70 pounds to lose. But more importantly I’m working on my health. I’m feeling pretty good because I’ve standardized breakfast and lunch. I’m trying cook soups for myself as well. I The idea is to make a double batch and give the family one pot while putting the rest…
  • We appear different things as well. Plus I have a beans and rice dish always available for him.
  • My husband uses training to help control his stress and anxiety. I’m the person who flirts with (gets absorbed by) depression. I’m in therapy and have been on medication. Doing well now though. And yes, I gained a *kitten* ton of weight!
  • I do better with MFP than I did with Noom. I knew most of what they were “teaching” me and sometimes I would fall behind. Then I feel like I’d have to catch up. And I didn’t like the small group format. It didn’t feel organic so it didn’t stimulate real conversation or support. I think the self-selection format at MFP…
  • These are pretty stressful times. I was already pretty anxious about a number of valid things before we were hit with the pandemic. Everybody’s base level anxiety is pretty high right now, and if tend towards anxiety anyway, yikes. Fortunately, I was already seeing a therapist and we were able to move over to zoom or…
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  • @eminater That’s what I do too. It’s much easier.
  • What time are you walking today? We are taking our walk at 1 PM.
  • I just made the commitment to open my diary to friends.
  • Gah, I want to work this morning (I do accounting at a school. I get my mail for 15 to 30 minutes in the mornings before anyone else comes in. We are at a skeleton crew) and saw myself in the reflection on the door. Wow! I actually turned it around about 4 days ago. Now the hard work begins.
  • Also, maybe look into setting automatic habits. Really easy ones. I just listened to a good podcast.
  • A lot of times when people lose weight their partner or families undercut them. Change is hard. This website looks like it has a lot of good information.
  • Yes. It helps that I have a motivated husband who wants to walk every day. Plus I am doing grocery pickup, which means putting crappy items on the list requires more thought.
  • I found reading the diet myth helpful. He goes into each type of diet scientifically. Talks a lot about the gut biome, which is still pretty mysterious.