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  • Hmm, since it doesn't seem like anybody on here can be sure of a particular caloric intake, I'd suggest manipulating your daily calorie goals across various weeks. For one or two week periods, you could try decreasing your daily calorie goal by 100-200 calories/day. I'd imagine that if you manipulated your calories over 2…
  • Very technically speaking, i am a vegetarian. Above 90% of what I eat is vegan, but I'm liable to drink the odd coffee and eat a little cheese here and there.
  • For lean mass, about .8 g/lb seems to be the number I keep coming across. You won't be gaining muscle at the most efficient rate, but .8 grams of protein per pound, combined with some calorie tracking, should allow you to put on lean mass. We are all different, but .8g/lb works for me. If muscle gain is your first…
  • Probably a combination of inactivity and cheat days (who can blame you for cheat days, though?!). Try to figure out how many calories your body burns/uses throughout the day. Use an online calculator to figure out your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Your RMR is, loosely, the number of calories your body uses just to exist…
  • These are my go-to meals. A sauteed combination of tofu, beans, bean sprouts, peas, carrots, onions, edamame, peppers, corn, broccoli, and cucumber. First photo is more flattering but doesn't have all the ingredients. The second photo is what I would have made in the first photo if I hadn't run out of ingredients that day.…
  • I didn't suggest 10%. Was giving context. Around 15% would be good for your avg. person.
  • As Nicci and other users have suggested, progressive lifting will help. Perhaps you can try to approximate your resting metabolic rate (RMR) to see how many calories your body consumes just to exist on any given day. Add to your RMR the amount of calories you burn throughout the day (for example, jogging, exercising, etc).…
  • 10% (and anything below) requires pretty strict calorie tracking. 12-15% is pretty do-able with minimal calorie craze!
  • 12-15% is where you'll have the subtle ab contours. Below that is where you really start to see definition.
  • Respectfully, 19% is much too high for good abs. Get that BF down to 10% --even lower is preferable but sub-10% BF is tough to maintain for long periods of time-- and you'll have abs with minimal training.
  • Hello! Based on your age/weight/gender, you probably have a resting metabolic rate of approximately 1850 calories/day (give or take 100 calories or so). Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the amount of calories you burn just to exist. I don't know how strenuous your work is, what you're lifting, or what your…
  • Hello! I am (very strictly speaking) a vegetarian, although my diet consists 95% of vegan foods. I aim to consume between 1800-1900 calories per day at a ratio of 40% Carb/30% Fat/30% Protein. This is an optimal nutrient ratio for me as I am trying to grow muscle while staying lean. I'd imagine you want a slightly…