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  • I still crave Starburst jelly beans, though I stopped eating them long ago. And they are one in a list of foods that I don't necessarily crave but that I can't stop eating once I start. Pretty much anything in the carb/fat/salt world qualifies. Chips or Fritos with Lipton Onion Dip...made worse if it's at cocktail hour and…
  • First day of family vacation. Family member made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. I stuck (pretty happily) to my fruit yogurt granola. And got in 30m walk w DH on this glorious NH morning. Good thoughts to all! Leigh
  • Leigh here. Out to dinner, feeling a tiny bit resentful that I'm drinking iced tea and ordering one of the calorie specified menu items (already plenty caloric - some unspecified items are a day or two of calories). I don't normally mind but 60th birthday vacation starts in a couple of days and I'd rather be eating at…
  • Hi Karen. Eight weeks (and a lifetime) on Tuesday. Have you used the tracking approach before? For me, it's been the only thing that has ever worked. When I do it, I eat less and better, I move more, I feel good, and I lose pounds, inches and sizes. There are lots of good tips here, and the tracker and its database are…
  • Leigh here. August goals: Enjoy a happy, fun and healthy family vacation and stay on track. Keep my steps above 5,000 at least five days a week. Embrace the big 6-0. Start doing yoga practice at home - this is the hard one.
  • Happy to find this thread. Looking forward to joining you for August. I started July after three weeks of tracking at 170.2; ending at 165.8 even after spending two weeks in France - a food lover's paradise for a total drop of 12.7 since 7 June. Aiming for 147 by the end of 2016. August has more travels, three major…
  • Daily but I generally record it once a week on Thursdays - longstanding habit to keep the weekend in check - I find the daily step on the scale keeps me honest, and I don't expect a drop every day.
  • I'm also on 1,200 a day and I'm lightly active; I sometimes eat my exercise calories (or some of them). I eat everything (I'm constantly having to look up new foods in the database) though I have greatly reduced my consumption of a lot of "white" carbs (bread, sugar, pasta, rice) and I'm stingy with non-food (e.g. alcohol)…
  • Just looking for a place to hang out and post random thoughts on "the journey" (yes a tiny bit of irony). I'll be (gulp) 60 in 3 weeks and 3 days. I'm at Day 50 of tracking today; about 12 pounds down (Thursdays are my weigh in day) since I started tracking and looking for another 19. I eat just about everything - in fact,…