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ldeeldn Member


  • Lol. I feel you. I'm in excellent shape but I'm still about as heavy as I've every been. My motivation is how much better shape I could be in if I wasn't lugging an extra 70lb around. My horses will thank me to!
  • My macro goals are 180g of carbs, 60g fat, 150g of protein (40/30/30 split). That naturally adds up to a specific calorie amount but it's not what I'm focused on. I track the macros which equates to a certain amount of calories and ensures that I'm eating in a fairly balanced way. I try and ensure that a good 50% of the…
  • Yes I understand how percentages work. The breakdown is roughly 180g of carbs, 60g fat, 150g protein or in the 1800-2000 calorie range. That's about a 500 calorie deficit for me. I'm not about to faint and fall out of a hayloft eating 1200 a day.
  • I'm not a vegetable fan (it would be fair to say that I hate 90% of them - I have some textural issues). I try and increase my intake through soups and smoothies, which is a way I can tolerate them. I'm trying to stay within an 1800-2000 calorie budget which is roughly my rmr. I can easily burn another 500-1000 calories a…