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  • I have every expectation that the day will come when diet is not enough, but for now it is working. I want to maintain things as long as possible this way. The trick for me with the diet is totally staying on program with the carbs. For things like Thanksgiving, I still keep net carbs under 20, but I let calories slide.
  • Basically you have to figure out the combo you can live with. 20 net is "doable" for me. Some people find it helpful to log a food diary just for the sake of accountability. I have noticed a lot of them drop off the radar between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so maybe the accountability there does not always work well. Good…
  • Welcome! You got the wakeup call. No time like the present to get started!
  • I have personally found the forums to be a big help to me. When I was just diagnosed, I was really in a bad place. The Diabetes Association diet with metformin did not seem to be helping. I really did not understand how to check my BG. Welcome!
  • I know I don't want to end up on dialysis either.
  • Pretty much every time I check BG, it is between 100 and 120. My morning fasting reading will be 118 or something and is sometimes it will be the highest reading of the day. Certain things like green beans will give me a 145 an hour after eating, but it is back at 110 after another hour. Anything like gravy thickened with…
  • My last A1C was 5.9 with no meds. You can do it. Do you log menus through MFP? Many people find that a good way to stay accountable with friends.
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  • I am also keto, but this is where the numbers led me. Not everyone can find enough variety in keto to satisfy, and different people respond in different ways, so I am not saying keto is the answer. I will say it has worked very well for me to control the BG and help me lose/maintain weight.
  • You are doing good things. Monitor your BG to see how you are responding to the carbs. Not everyone is the same, and you may find that certain carbs do not cause the spikes. You can also change the carb macro to match your own goals.
  • I consider myself a diabetic who is able to control BG with diet (for the time being at least). I do not pretend (even in weak moments) to have cured it...
  • I have never experienced a measured low. There have been times when I have gotten fuzzy headed and a little shaky. I usually have a cheese stick or a spoonful of all-natural peanut butter, and that seems to take care of it. I suspect these have been lows for me.
  • FWIW, my cheat(ish) days are days like Thanksgiving. I only count carbs those days and calories go out the window. Every now and then, I think how good a bean burrito (or Snickers bar) might be, but then there is the slippery slope. I just haven't. I have been keto for 5 years. The last really stupid thing I did with the…
  • Whoa - that IS low. I wake up sometimes at 2 or 3 AM, and just out of curiosity, I have checked BG before going back to bed, and it will be 100(ish). It will be 120 at 5.
  • I have always been interested in this sort of thing. I have dawn effect, and I have wondered what the glucose levels do while I sleep.
  • My numbers were close to those at diagnosis. I followed the Diabetic Association diet they gave me at the doctor's office, and it did not work very well for me. I found MyFitnessPal and started trying to track reactions to things. The important thing is to have a diet/meds combo that is working for you.
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  • For me the processed stuff seems to have corn starch and syrup and causes the glucose to go up. It is more than just macros - the type makes a difference for me too. I am not sure I have ever seen a link with preservatives, but I can believe they are a factor.
  • I suppose I have been here long enough to see people who binge on Halloween candy and buy a few more bags while it is on sale. Thanksgiving and pecan pie are right around the corner and then they get into the Christmas cookies. It is a slippery slope for some. It sounds as if we did pretty well here.
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  • I had a service and did not get home until too late to hand out candy. Anticipating this, I did not even have any in the house - so no temptation...
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  • FWIW, I see the profile picture
  • Did the test pass or fail?
  • If text is more your thing, here is a short history of insulin. https://www.diabetes.org/blog/history-wonderful-thing-we-call-insulin
  • FWIW, I will rub my hands together to warm them up a little and get the blood flowing before the finger stick.
  • I would talk to your doctor too. Mine reduced my dosage and then stopped it at one point.
  • FWIW, I went from a normal fasting glucose number at one doctor's appointment to a fasting number in the 300's and an A1C in the 13's at the next one. That was just from one appointment to another. I use the Walmart Relion. My doctor gave me another one at diagnosis, but the strips were very expensive. The Relion seems to…
  • This pretty much sums up my counsel. You want to get a grasp of what the BG numbers are doing and log everything to understand what is going on. In terms of recipes, you are welcome to friend me - my diary is open to friends. It is not the most exciting diary, but it manages my glucose numbers. I mostly have bacon and eggs…
  • Tracking the diet and the glucose readings is going to be very helpful for you as you get this sorted I claim. It was for me.
  • Pretty much if it predicts your A1C reasonably well, I figure you are good...
  • Are you on meds? I think most doctors are happy to see a 5.9 for a T2 diabetic, but who knows?
  • Glad you are here - lots of resources for the weight loss. You just have to figure out what works for you...
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