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  • Same. I lost over 30 Lbs. and as of today i have gained back 25 lbs! It's hard. But you're already doing a great job. You came back and have identified where you are struggling. You can reach your goal weight, you lost 30 before you can do it again! You got it in you! Just stay strong, and bad days are bad days. You pick…
  • YOU CAN DO IT! Just because of this post I am going to work on cutting down sugar as much as possible! Knowing that there's other people working on the same goals as you can be motivating! You got this, :)!
  • Hello! I am on the same boat as you! I do not know how to add anyone, I don't even know what I'm doing. But I'm 19 and it seems like college has been making me go up a pound like every week. Would love to be surrounded by a community of my peers during this journey for motivation.