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  • I swim 4 x per week for 1.5 hours on Sunday mornings and Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 5:30-7 pm. It’s a coached group and the workouts are tough, more like interval training than steady state. I also do Pilates classes (equipment not mat) 2 x per week during the lunch hour or sometimes on Saturdays. Sometimes…
  • Why not try Pilates, yoga or barre?
  • I swim 4 x per week, 90 minutes per session as part of a coached group. Having a coach means I just have to show up and I get pushed to my limit - I get bored and don’t push myself if I had to swim alone and think up the workout myself. We do lots of interval training, drill work, kick, and longer stready state sessions.…
  • The Oh She Glows cookbooks are nice because they’re vegan (no dairy, egg or meat/fish) with most recipes being gluten free or providing alternatives to be gluten or grain free. There’s also lots of options to make nut, soy or oil free recipes.
  • 7 lbs. I’ve got 15 to lose in total so I’m not sure how the next 3 months will go.
  • I swim 3-4 x per week and have colour treated blonde hair. I wet my hair in advance and put in a little bit of Philip kingsley swim cap conditioner beforehand. No green hair here. After the swim I shampoo and condition thoroughly and moisturize body with burts bees lotion and a different cream for my face.
  • Are you eating quite a bit of wheat and/or dairy? What about sugar and salt? Have you tried cutting out wheat or switching up the makeup of your calories - it could be about the quality of your calories, not the quantity.
  • Part of the challenge in quitting is the ritual around drinking - the opening of the bottle, the smell, how it feels special, like you deserve it at the end of the day or week. When cutting back or stopping altogether, I try to replicate that ritual by having a "special" non alcoholic low sugar/cal drink. Club soda with…