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  • Have you been on a low fodmap diet yet? It's usually recommended for various types of IBS. You may have IBS-D due to your body not being able to process the fodmap sugars and it gets rid of the food as quickly as possible because it recognizes that it can't digest those sugars. I have had difficulty with IBS too and found…
  • Your losses despite the restrictions of your job are impressive! Congratulations to you for your progress!
  • I got really heavy with my first pregnancy and gained 70 pounds at the age of 20. With each subsequent pregnancy I went back up to that high number and then didn't lose the weight right away. After my last child was born I was 60 pounds overweight and decided to do something. I lost that extra weight over 18 months and…
  • We'll that's it for me; I'm out. Day 4/3 pass days. I had planned to make dinner, but then my hubby brought home some chicken korma and rice which was way better than making a meal myself. Even with a small portion and small side of rice I'm over on my calories for the day. Honestly I think I set my limit much too low. I…
  • Tracking: Yes Calories: Yes Exercise: 41 minutes walking hills
  • Tracking: Yes Calories: Yes Exercise: walking in the park with friends for an hour
  • Another pass day for me. That makes 3/3 for the month. I needed to run an errand after work before going to have dinner with friends and couldn't do it over the weekend. That situation made it difficult to get exercise done unless I was willing to start at 10:30 at night, which I wasn't. The next two weeks will be hard,…
  • When I was heavy I had a lot of pain in my knees too. It subsided quite a bit when I lost the weight. I am recovering from a foot and ankle injury in July. My foot STILL isn't fully recovered. After I injured it I did a lot of Caroline Jordan's videos. She has a whole "hurt foot" workout series and seated cardio workouts.…
  • Taking a pass day today. Upset stomach that led to a drain of my energy. Just trying to recoup.
  • Tracking: Yes Calories: Yes Exercise: 30 minutes walk/jog intervals
  • Tracking: yes Calories: yes Exercise: 30 minutes Tabata Workout
  • Tracking: Yes Calories: Yes Exercise: 31 minutes walk/jog interals.
  • Tracking: yes Calories: Yes Exercise: 39 minutes walking hills
  • Try cutting back on the "cheat day" to one cheat meal every two weeks. When I started tracking every single thing I ate I noticed that my cheat days added up almost to the amount of calories I had saved over the week. Then I stopped doing the cheat days and just started having a meal with extra calories every couple of…
  • I had similar struggles for the past few years and it took me a while to figure it out. It's possible you have an unhealthy gut. An inflamed gut can cause a myriad of issues: poor nutrient intake, chronic fatigue, extra inches around the middle due to the inflammation, and extra stress which leads to another host of…
  • Pass day #1
  • @RangerRickL thank you!
  • Thank you! I agree!
  • My daily calorie goal is 1250 while doing the daily exercise. I track macros too and aim to stay around: 30% carbs, 40% fat and 30% protein. A friend of mine was doing a hardcore fitness challenge and she was eating much lower fat percentages while doing it. I saw her progress and tried to adjust my macros to fit hers. I…
  • Tracking: Yes Calories: Yes Exercise: 34 minutes walking hills. I first started on MFP in 2017 with the intent of losing 10 lbs. Instead of losing that weight, I gained almost 22 lbs. Ever since then I've been struggling to get back to square one without success. During that time I discovered that I had quite a few health…
  • Yay for pumpkin pie! Happy birthday
  • Tracking: Yes Calories: Yes Exercise: 43 minutes of vigorous house cleaning, burned 274 calories
  • Tracking: Yes Within calories: Yes Exercise: 43 minutes walking hills Week 1 done!
  • Calories: Yes Tracking: Yes Exercise: 20 minutes low impact HIIT workout
  • Calories: Yes Tracking: Yes Exercise: 32 minutes walk/jog intervals Today was a smooth day
  • Calories: Yes Tracking: Yes Exercise: 20 minutes walking in the park with my son I was sick late morning. At least I got some exercise in before that happened. The rest of the day was a struggle, but I made it.
  • Most restaurants have their menus and/or nutrition information available online. When going out for a meal with friends I look up my options ahead of time and figure out how the different choice will factor into my goals for the day. Some days I'm able to eat more, some days not. If I'm know I'm going to have a glass of…
  • Calories: Yes Tracking: Yes Exercise: 35 minutes walking hills Even managed to save a few calories to eat a bit of chocolate.
  • Calories: Yes Tracking: Yes Exercise: 30 minutes walking hills I had a really bad headache when I left work and I wasn't feeling good. I came home, took some medicine, rested, and ate dinner. I felt better after that so I went for a walk. I didn't want to use up a pass day so early in the month. It is definitely going to…
  • Calories: Yes Tracked: Yes Exercise: 34 minutes of walk/jog intervals I had an event with friends after work so I had to wait until 8:15 to get started on my exercise, bit I did it.