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  • Cottage cheese, but really I eat anything the healthy that fit my macro for the day.
  • There more video you can also look up. As for me I just cook in bulk and weigh my food on food scale the night before. Some people just use there fist size as portion for a protein, carbs( green, brown rice or yam). Depending on your maintenance requirement to lose , maintain or gain muscle. Just take it step by step you…
  • https://youtu.be/lyVep51tMIc
  • https://youtu.be/f5wt8FeHHZM
  • You can go eat at any fast food restaurant. Just as long they provide nutrition facts and you can track your calories/macro. Just don't go over your calorie requirements. My favorite is 3x3 protein style with fries at (In And Our Burgers)
  • You should check out Walden Farm brand. It calorie-free and it taste great. Just look into it if you have time.
  • https://youtu.be/guy_XJkFJY0
  • Track your macro and don't go over your calorie maintenance requirement to lose weight. Example I'm consuming 2500 calorie. 5% carbs 20-30% Protein and 70-80% Fats depending on the day, but I never go over my calorie maintenance. If you stop dropping weight just add 15-20 minutes cardio or take 10% from fat. If you need…