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  • I LOVE my peloton!! Leaderboard name is #SabrinInMaine
  • SAHM Paleo/low carb/keto eating. Calories: 1400ish Height: 5’6 Age: 38 Highest Weight 160’s Lowest Weight: 132 Current Weight: 151 Goal Weight: 135ish....I don’t mind weighing more as long as I am swapping muscle for fat. I am assuming I am around 31% body fat and would like to get down to low 20’s. I gain muscle pretty…
  • Im 38 and 5’6 151lbs. I would like to be down to 135 by end of May :-) I TRY to eat grain free....I enjoy that way of eating...but just need to plan better so I don’t reach for the stuff my husband and kids are eating. For Cardio I have a peloton bike. I would like to do Cardio at least 5 times a week and lift heavy…
  • I love the HR training. It is really helping me gain control of my workout and is going to help my output in the long run. #SabrinaInMaine
  • LOVE my peloton! Yes...pricey...but i don’t need a gym membership! Live rides are really cool! All the instructors are super motivating. It has given me tons of motivation to work out.