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  • I would caution anyone against using tiktok. As already mentioned, it's highly toxic. Extremely so. And the "weight loss/fitness community" consists mostly of 20 year Olds dancing in workout bras, and *maybe* pointing at some highly dubious fitness/diet advice flashed up on the screen. More than likely, they'll say "buy…
  • Most of the studies relate to childhood obesity and how it makes it more difficult to lose and maintain weight loss as an adult. The struggle is real, but people do manage it! And it sounds like you're already doing great! So I wouldn't worry too much about what the studies say, because in the end, you're not a study, and…
  • Yep, agreed with JBanx256. I would think around 15% body fat is enough to show abs on *most* people depending on body type. Women tend to have a harder time, because we generally struggle to get to that body fat level, as we're designed to carry a higher fat percentage than men for baby making reasons. And yes, absolutely,…
  • Yep, I always tell people that if they're going to do keto, that's fine, but stay away from the keto products. For the abovementioned reasons.
  • If you made it, and you added water to it, you could put whatever amount of water you added into the water category. I would say the same thing for milk or juice. Any solids you added (fruit, ice cream, etc.), of course, I wouldn't include in the water section. But definitely, asking your nephrologist is the way to go.
  • Agreed. I think this would be a bit fast.
  • I'm another vote for logging everything you eat. Studies have shown that, even if you don't count calories, the mere act of having to acknowledge and write down every single bite that goes into your mouth will cause you to eat fewer calories, as you are more aware of eating, and each time you think "dammit, now I have to…
  • Did you try weighing it a couple times? Maybe your scale needs new batteries?
  • You look like you're on the right path. Just had a rough year, as we all did, but it looks like you got back on track. You can do it! You've done it before. Trust yourself.
  • "Can you just *stop* snacking at night for a period of 6 weeks and see how your mind and body respond?", I think this is a gross oversimplication. If your average person could just "stop", then they would and we wouldn't have a nationwide obesity problem. As you said, it's a matter of figuring out why they're driven to eat…
  • There are lower calorie tortillas out there. I would suggest trying some. Go on amazon and search low calorie tortillas. See if there are any that pique your interest.
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  • You can do both, but many people think you can exercise your way out of a bad diet. You can't. There's a reason bodybuilders tend to say abs are made in the kitchen. Exercise is great, but if you rely on it for weight loss and staying in shape, you'll be stuck spinning your wheels, both literally and figuratively.
  • There are many of them, but you don't need them if you'd like to try Mediterranean, try it. Google it. It's a way of eating, not a plan. You start eating more whole grains, vegetables, and fish. Fewer highly processed foods and red meats. There are an infinite supply of recipes online.
  • Keto generally seems to be 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. It is very strict and VERY difficult for *most* people to eat that much fat. Low carb is much less specific and less difficult to follow. In general, low carb can mean any way of eating that includes less carbs than the average person eats.
  • Totally agreed. And love the username BTW. Best. Movie. Ever.
  • Just an FYI, alcohol calories via distilled liquors such as tequila, vodka, rum, and whiskey do show up in MFP and will count towards your daily calories as long as you add them. In macros, they will show up as carbohydrates, even though technically, as you pointed out, they are not.
  • I think it's more that the question itself indicates you may have unrealistic expectations for how quickly you should be losing weight. You appear to have expected that your 2 pound per week weight loss would continue. It's common for weight loss to slow down after the initial phase. About 1 pound a week would be a…
  • Some people don't do well with high protein. It really doesn't take much to fill your daily needs. Maybe .5 g per pound of lean body mass... which really isn't much. So, if it doesn't agree with you, eat less of it.
  • If no'one else has told you yet, I'm proud of you for making the decision to try. My basic strategy for lowering calories is adding vegetables. To every meal. Omelets? Throw whatever veg you like in. Stir fry? Same. I love stir fries cause they're so friggen easy. Throw whatever you've hot in the fridge into a pan with…
  • ❤❤❤ love it! You go girl
  • Depends. If you're meeting your calorie goal eating whole foods and then add protein powder and that causes you to exceed your goal, then yes it will cause you to gain weight. You will need to account for the calories from the protein powder.
  • Well, you're going to have to change your mentality towards food, and only you can do that. No-one else but you can decide what you're willing to eat. So figure out what you're willing to eat. Or don't eat, but then nothing will change.
  • Heck, you can even drink a bunch of calories... juice, soda, milkshakes.
  • What foods do you really enjoy? Appetite is very much mental. Cheese is often something people like that's very high calorie. As is bacon. Pizza, burgers, tacos, pasta with cream based sauces. Milk is very high calorie as well if you enjoy it. Pastries as well. Add butter to anything, and that's going to up the calories by…
  • Going low carb AND low fat may be something to rethink... not many people do both because you need to get your calories from somewhere, and while lean proteins are great, they're not necessarily great to make up the bulk of your diet over the long term.
  • While there are no quick weight loss tips that will really work long term, basically it's eat fewer calories (generally about 250-500 fewer calories than you are currently eating, but just put your information into MFP and it will tell you howuch to eat) and move more.
  • You can make things work in your favor by eating a well rounded diet with as much variety as you are able, and being aware of how much you are eating... not too much, and not too little. It's not sexy and not what many people want to hear, but it's very doable