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  • @Smithschmidt, count me in as a check in buddy. I lost my best friend, my hubby, not too long ago and I am convinced he passed because he did not make good choices. I am determined to take care of myself, be healthy, and be happy once again. 😌
  • @StepWise123, hello! So good to hear from everyone! I’m glad to here that you all are being active, it’s motivating me to make a plan and get moving! I’m way out of shape, and I know I need to really get back to my hikes with my “girls” now that the weather is gorgeous again. So tomorrow is day 1 of my daily exercise…
  • @PatriceFitnessPal, I love your reward suggestions. They are numerous and varied, creative, and most of all....inspiring! I’m at 155 and would really like to drop 35 lbs. When the going becomes challenging, I’ll plan my next reward and dream of slipping on a long beloved piece of clothing from my wardrobe. Not sure when I…
  • Congratulations on your new sewing machine! I am also into sewing, however a quilter. No fitting needed, just the blocks need to fit! I also gift almost all my quilts; to family, friends, and charity. I do find the time I am lost in my sewing room excellent for getting my mind off of mindless snacking. However, not so good…
  • Please add me as well! I just posted a longish post under “accountability buddy” with my challenges, goals, and plan. It’s byline is DriHeatAZ. please feel free to read there and post any response here. Can’t figure out if I can copy and repost here. I look forward to meeting all, encouraging and working together in this…
  • Hello everyone! I would love to be part of this group. I’ll be the old gal here, 70 in January 2021), older and trying to be a bit wiser, emphasis on “trying” 😌. Three years ago my life tragically turned upside down. I did not handle it well, imbibed in too much wine, ate poorly and too much, and stopped getting exercise.…
  • Congratulations on your amazing transformation! It is inspiring and your suggestions are right on!
  • My mini goal(s) are for the next 30 days: 1) to get 10,000 steps in each day 2) be mindful of eating healthy meals 3) have a positive outlook each day Long term goal(s): 1) be at my goal weight Friday April 9th, 2021 (182 days from today) a 39 lb loss 2) be able to wear my favorite clothes once again 3) be healthy and…
  • I have 2 doodle dogs, 180 degree different personalities despite being raised together. Jojo is an ESA and my gregarious girl and Libby is reserved cuddle bug. I would give either up for anything.
  • Count me in! Older member but newly starting. Learning to live life as a newer widow. Starting weight: 163 Today’s weight: 159 Days until1/1/2021: 86 Goal weight: 120