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  • My name is Leegh2010 nice to meet you both! Love my bike so much 😊
  • Thanks for all your advise and insights into what works for you. The last couple of days I have had a morning snack of peanut butter and apple at 11am, then lunch at 2pm once I start to feel hungry again. I’ve noticed a difference in my hunger already. Although I am definitely ready for my dinner when I arrive home, so far…
  • I tend to exercise at 6am (30 min HIT class) or 8pm ((CrossFit or a run) and I have all for 30 mins most lunch times
  • I got the recommended cals from an external website someone in MFP recommended Mdee? Or something like that. I didn’t know you were supposed to eat the exercise cals. Thanks for your advice! Leeanne
  • Thanks for your responses so far. My target is 1500 cals a day. I eat breakfast around 6:30: 50 gms overnight oats, almond milk, with frozen berries 250-300 cals 11:30: Lunch is usually sandwich or salad with turkey salad around 300 cals Throughout the day: 3 coffees with half sugar and milk Around 2pm: an apple and…