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  • Also I would like to add that I started intuitive eating around January and February this year...bad idea. I gained a few pounds and I was exhausted because my brain was just telling me to eat lots sugary fatty foods like chocolates etc (I was already eating chocolate because I wasn’t depriving myself before but they said…
  • Yeah I don’t like planning my meals to a t but I might just have to for a month to get into the swing of things. And honestly my meals are great- balanced with protein carbs, veggies and fats. But then I just keep eating chocolate and I think it’s become a habit so I need to break it in order to get back in control.
  • Right now it’s chocolate 😔. I don’t have self control over it at the moment!
  • My meals are great but it’s when I snack on chocolate in between my meals and I just keep eating over my calories even with just a 250 calorie deficit. I probably need to rebuild discipline again.
  • Well it’s normally stress or PMS. I’ve got these silly thoughts in my head always telling me to eat otherwise I’m depriving myself!
  • I’m trying to but I know I need to lose this weight as well. I guess fatloss more than weight loss though but thank you for the kind words 🥰
  • I’ve definitely been overeating on chocolate- Lindt, kitkat, dairymilk and it’s in my cupboards. I’ve definitely developed a sweet tooth over the past few months and I’m finding it hard to get my sugar cravings down. 🙈🙊
  • It’s funny because I used to think that too and I tortured myself to endure low carb diets because I have pcos. I was always tired and I felt miserable and it triggered me to binge. Well turns out I didn’t need to do that because I function really well on 200-250g of carbs per day. In fact, I’ve decided that it’s better…
  • I’m already doing this 🙂
  • Hey I’m F 27 and losing the last 20-25 lbs (not sure) and I’m eating between 1900-2100 calories a day to lose weight. I kinda fell off the weight loss thing and I’ve been maintaining because of family and work coming in the way. Anyway my sisters wedding is in August and I’m ready to take this seriously. Feel free to add…
  • Yeah it’s definitely a tricky one. The reason why I’m counting calories is because I actually UNDEREAT when I try to do it intuitively and then I risk losing muscle so I’m sticking to a 0.5 lbs a week loss.
  • You can just use an online calculator and aim to reverse diet up to the maintenance calories and see how you feel? It’s tricky because my TDEE fluctuates so sometimes it’s 2300 and sometimes it’s up to 2700 so you just have to find an average.
  • I’ve had an ED and many of them are actually genetic so you might be onto something there. Sometimes when you undereat for so long, your body lowers its metabolism and it thinks it’s starving so it stops sending out hunger signals in order to survive. This happens to a lot of eating disorder patients and I’ve experienced…
  • You’ve actually seen plenty of results because you’ve already lost 11 lbs. What I’m worried about is how little you’re eating. You should be aiming for 0.5 lbs a week because you don’t have much to lose and as AnnPT suggested, if you’re maintenance calories are 2000 calories then aiming for 1700 calories instead. You want…
  • That’s exactly what happens to me. Sometimes the scale won’t move for 2 months 😳 so I’m just going to stick to measuring myself, daily weigh ins and clothes like a pair of jeans because my butt and thighs are my where I gain the most weight.
  • Thanks for the tip, I never thought of that. Come to think of it I always gain 1 inch around my waist before my period so it makes sense to do it once per cycle and the same time.
  • Hey thank you for the response. I don’t know if I didn’t word it correctly but I was asking about using a measuring tape, hence the word measure? So how often should I take measurements using a measuring tape? I’m already using a trending app but it’s not useful because of weight fluctuations it’s telling me I’m gaining…
  • How many calories are you actually eating? You haven’t actually stated how many calories you’re eating so telling us that would be helpful.
  • It’s called Insulin Resistance? Our bodies are not calculators you know. We have things called hormones.
  • It’s not the lack of weight loss that’s the issue, it’s your expectations that needs to change. 2 pounds is amazing! Also we are the same weight, well I’m a few lbs heavier than you and unless you’re very short, you probably don’t have much weight to lose. I also have PCOS and I’ve yo-yo dieted for so many years, just…
  • When did you start exercising? If you’ve been doing any sort of resistance training and you’re a newbie you could’ve built some muscle and that’s caused a spike in the scale weight. That’s a possibility. You said you’re on track with your food but just double check everything. Also what are your workouts like and what is…
  • That’s great! Dieting on 1800-2000 is definitely a lot of food for your height so that is pleasing! I’m also in a calorie deficit after reverse dieting and then bulking for 6 months. I’m currently eating an average of 2100 calories a day to lose fat. I cycle my calories so I have more on exercise days (2200-2300) and less…
  • Update: My hunger levels have significantly dropped after 2 weeks of being in a calorie deficit. I guess my body was just adjusting plus I’m in the first half of my cycle so that’s probably why. I’m also making a conscious effort to eat just eat more veg and it’s definitely helped me. Another thing to mention is that I…
  • Exactly- I found that triggering because of my ED past. I hope that they realise how damaging this stuff is.
  • You honestly need to build some muscle. I’m Asian (so smaller framed too naturally) and I’m 5’ 4”/162 cm and now I would look emaciated at 49kg because I’ve built muscle! A few years ago I used to weigh 135 lbs and I looked pretty much the same even though now I’m 160lbs! I even checked measurements from a few years ago…
  • I think it’s totally fine if you have coffee with creamer because it’s probably only 30-50 calories which shouldn’t make a difference to your total calories in the long run. I don’t do IF but I kinda do- I eat a small piece of fruit at 8am then do my workout and then eat breakfast at 11am. I try to have dinner by 8pm so…
  • Yeah I love avocados too but recently I haven’t been eating them. Time to make guacamole. I definitely find fats more satiating too.
  • I’ve actually been thinking about eating more lentils and beans. That’s a good idea! I love eating fish and eggs but they don’t have a lot of volume.
  • Thank you ☺️ I never thought of gradually decreasing calories but maybe that’s where I need to go.
  • Yeah I’ve recently been trying to increase the volume of my meals with veggies. It’s definitely helping. My stomach just feels...hollow.