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  • I've been doing Pilates for almost 2 years now, and loving it (albeit perhaps not to the same degree as the topic starter). Really helped me with my back aches, and perhaps contributed to me being an injury-free runner.
  • Congrats, realising you can run such a distance is a game changer (it was for me). If I can offer a word of advice though, I'd suggest you try tubing outside a few times before you attempt a race - it's a very difference experience than running on a treadmill.
  • An absolutely stunning difference! Kudos for the hard work!
  • Incredible journey, kudos for getting there - and staying there!
  • I was thinking of holding off for some time yet, but the stories in this thread are so inspiring, that I just had to share mine almost in spite of myself! October 17' - 101kg (223 lbs), May 18' - 89kg (196 lbs), still quite some way to go (I'd like to be at about 15% BF, whereas I'm at around 22% right now), but, well, I…
  • I don't have advice for you, haven't run a race longer than 10k (yet!) but huge kudos for your determination and power of will, doing this huge comeback!
  • I'm kind of reframed my goals in terms of running and biking, which I'm becoming quite enthusiastic about. So my current weight loss goal is to get down to about 9% BF, which would probably mean weight of about 82kg (180lbs), from the current weight that fluctuates around 92kg, but my running goals, hopefully achievable…
  • Way to go, you're on the right path, just keep it there till you realize you can't go back! And listen, about that running thing. I'm 43, and all my life I knew for sure that I can't run, and won't run, and if I tried it - I wouldn't enjoy it. Asthma and flat feet provided a perfect excuse, strengthened by non-athletic…