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  • I keep forgetting to take a pic. I had grilled salmon over a bed of rice with broccoli at a restaurant. Then when I got home I had taken mixed nuts and added some chocolate chips to eat for a treat! Yum! Enough to keep me happy till tomorrow.
  • Wishing you best on your PT.
  • Went out to dinner with a friend by the water/boats last night. Weather was great. I ate grilled salmon over rice with some type of honey sauce, broccoli and a glass of wine. When I got home later I had about a 3/4 cup of mixed nuts with some chocolate chips thrown in for my dessert. That has been my go to dessert this…
  • Hi Tuft. You don't always have to do OMAD. There is also 2MAD. Find something you feel comfortable with. Are you eating enough in your meal so you can survive the next day? If you are eating to little you will get hungrier waiting for your time to eat.
  • This is so inspiring! Thanks for posting.
  • Awesome, ya water! Down 8.2 lbs. during the middle of second week. So I am thinking the water is done and the fat loss is kicking in. Staying hopeful. Going out tonight so looking forward to a nice seafood meal with a glass of wine. I will take a pic and post it in that other group. It is Jean day at work today, Friday. I…
  • You are so right. It is empowering to socialize. I made it through. I had a mineral water with a slice of lime. Only squeezed a little bit in the water. She had a baked potato loaded with everything. She had a gastric bypass operation a couple of years ago and can't eat a lot. She tried to talk me into it then. I just did…
  • Thanks. One of my co-workers just asked me out to lunch today. I told her I would go but will only order a mineral water. She said great because she does not eat that much at lunch. Stepping out of my shell. I would like a twist of lemon. It would make it refreshing. LOL. I will make sure my eyes do not roam around to the…
  • Thanks everyone! I have been reading your journals and see myself in a lot of the things you have said. I have a lot of weight to lose and know that most of the first week was water. I can wear my sandals this year and my feet and ankles look great. That's a start. When did you all incorporate exercise in your program? I…
  • Britt, love your place so serene and beautiful. Your food choices look so yummy. Love the place setting.
  • That pizza looks so awesome! I will make this the next time the family buys pizza. I definitely would not miss the crust.
  • Just saw the video. I really liked it!
  • Hi Veronica, I just joined. Sending you luck!! I am on week 2, trying to stay focused.
  • Hi, I was looking for some other OMADers. I just started week two and finding I need to find things to do at lunch at work. I have all this free time since I am not eating.
  • Hi, I just finight week one of OMAD. I stayed on point. I had some moments where I had to talk myself out of eating and somehow got through. Is anyone still doing this? I see some threads are old.